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        • 牛津高中英语高二上学期CHAPTER ONE

          [00:-2.00]MY FAVOURITE SPORT SKIING [00:-3.00]Skiing is my favourite sport, [00:-4.00]even though I have only skied for four days in my whole life! [00:-5.00]Last year my father promised that if my brother did well in his exams, [00:-6.00]he would ta...

        • 牛津高中英语高二上学期CHAPTER TWO

          00:-1.00]Right,Debbie,it's your turn. [00:-2.00]Please come out and tell us your topic and then show us your objects. [00:-3.00]My topic is'Fashion'and to illustrate my talk , [00:-4.00]I have brought along five objects. [00:-5.00]Fashion is importan...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二上学期CHAPTER THREE

          [00:-3.00]A PRACTICAL JOKE [00:-4.00]We can define a joke as something you say that causes laughter, [00:-5.00]and a practical joke as something you do that causes laughter. [00:-6.00]After a practical joke everybody laughs or smiles,except, [00:-7.0...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二上学期CHAPTER FOUR

          [00:-1.00]THE BURGER BUSINESS [00:-2.00]In 1954,an American businessman called Ray Kroc was selling milk shake machines. [00:-3.00]One restaurant in California bought not one [00:-4.00]but eight of these expensive machines. [00:-5.00]Kroc was surpris...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二上学期CHAPTER FIVE

          [00:-2.00]CHATBACK ON:TUTORIAL CENTRES [00:-3.00]Have you ever been to a tutorial centre? [00:-4.00]Do you think tutorial centres can help students? [00:-5.00]Write and tell us about your experiences and opinions. [00:-6.00]Send your letters to'Chatb...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二上学期CHAPTER SIX

          [00:-1.00]READING [00:-2.00]Page 93 [00:-3.00]VIRTUAL REALITY [00:-4.00]Ever since I was a little girl,I have wanted to fly like a bird. [00:-5.00]I'd love to glide over the harbour,looking down on the ships below, [00:-6.00]or fly in and out of the...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二下学期CHAPTER ONE

          [00:-1.00]SUFFERING TO BE BEAUTIFUL [00:-2.00]Good morning and welcome to'Head to Head'. [00:-3.00]Today's topic is beauty.What is beauty? [00:-4.00]What lengths can we or should we go to,to make ourselves more beautiful? [00:-5.00]In order to help a...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二下学期CHAPTER TWO

          [00:-1.00]THE MANY MEANINGS OF COLOUR [00:-2.00]The study of colour is a fascinating mixture of scientific fact [00:-3.00]and emotional guesswork. [00:-4.00]Colour is basic to all of us,and affects our lives in many ways. [00:-5.00]Swiss psychologist...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二下学期CHAPTER THREE

          [00:-2.00]Young and Green Magazine. [00:-3.00]Continuing our series on endangered animals, [00:-4.00]this month we talk to Professor Penny Sanders to... [00:-5.00]GET THE FACTS ON WOLVES [00:-6.00]1.Where do they live? [00:-7.00]Wolves live in the no...

        • 牛津高中英语高二下学期CHAPTER FOUR

          [00:-3.00]FATHER AND SON [00:-4.00]Most films these days are easy to describe [00:-5.00]because they fit into types such as martial arts films or love stories. [00:-6.00]But Father and Son is different. [00:-7.00]It is a film about the love and confl...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二下学期CHAPTER FIVE

          [00:-1.00]page 78 GREEN ORCHIDS [00:-2.00]Life is a series of choices,and we cannot always foresee the consequences. [00:-3.00]Harry Saleem,an obese man with too much money and power,faced a choice now. [00:-4.00]Outside his office waited his persona...

        • 高中英语牛津版高二下学期CHAPTER SIX

          [00:-1.00]An exhibition of some of the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh [00:-2.00]will open at the Cultural Centre next week. [00:-3.00]Here art critic Lawrence Liu reviews Van Gogh's life and work. [00:-4.00]THE VINCENT VAN GOGH EXHIBITION:DON'T MISS I...

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