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        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit One Dialogue

          01:11.73]Language Structure: [01:15.83]Modal Verbs plus the Perfect Infinitive [01:21.74]A:Peggy hasn't arrived yet. [01:25.84]B:She may have missed her train. [01:29.44]A:No,she can't have missed it because she is always early. [01:35.14]B:If so,she...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit two

          [00:03.94]Language Function: [00:06.43]Offering to See a Friend Off [00:10.32]A:You're leaving tomorrow,aren't you? [00:14.50]B:Yes,I'm taking the 12:30 train for Beijing. [00:19.70]A:Do you need any help [00:22.28]B:Yes,I'd be very glad if you could...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit Three

          [00:04.83]Language Structure: [00:08.23]The Non-restrictive Relative Clause [00:12.64]A:Have you met our new neighbours yet? [00:17.03]B:Do you mean the Grays,who moved in last Saturday? No,not yet. [00:24.24]A:Well,I've talked to Mr Gray,who is a te...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit four

          [00:04.02]Language Function: [00:06.61]Declining an Offer of Help [00:11.81]A:Is there anything I can do to help? [00:16.12]B:It's all right, thanks. [00:19.20]A:Perhaps I could carry one of your suitcases. [00:23.69]B:It's very kind of you indeed bu...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit five

          [00:04.73]Language Structure: The Object Clause [00:11.02]A:Would you like to go and see a film this afternoon? [00:16.51]B:What did you say? [00:19.10]A:I asked whether you would like to go and see a film this afternoon. [00:25.39]B:It's raining har...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit six

          [00:05.54]Language Function: [00:08.65]Expressing Opinions about an English Evening [00:13.53]A:Hi!I was at your English Evening last Saturday. [00:19.93]B.Oh,really?What did you think of it? [00:24.14]A:I liked it very much. [00:27.25]B:I'm glad to...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit seven

          [01:15.23]Language Structure: [01:18.34]The Subject Clause [01:22.02]A:The bridge across the river has been completed. [01:27.22]B.Yes.What is most important to me is [01:32.42]that I don't have to go to work by ferry. [01:36.71]I can now take a bus...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit eight

          [00:04.34]Language Function: Expressing Disapproval of Someone's Habit [00:12.04]A:I have a suggestion for you. [00:15.65]B:Oh!What is it? A:I hope you won't mind. [00:20.14]B:Of course not!Why should I? [00:24.14]A:You often interrupt people when th...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit nine

          [00:04.02]Language Structure:The Predicative Clause [00:09.82]A:Here is lettler for you. [00:13.01]B:Oh,thank you.That's just what I have been waiting for. [00:18.21]It's from an old friend of mine. He was seriously ill last week. [00:24.32]A:Oh,I se...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit ten

          [00:04.02]Language Function: Asking about Like and Dislikes in Sports [00:10.81]A:Did you attend the sports meeting last Sunday? [00:16.01]B:Certainly!I love sports. [00:19.80]A:What's your favourite sport? [00:22.78]B:Pingpong! A:Pingpong?Why? [00:2...

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit eleven

          00:04.34]Language Structure: The Subjunctive Mood [00:09.82]A:I wish I could go swimming with you this afternoon. [00:17.11]B:Aren't you going? I thought you were. [00:21.71]A:A former classmate of mine is coming to see me after lunch,so I can't go....

        • 高中英语上外版二年级下Unit twelve

          [00:09.33]A:The term is coming to an end! [00:13.61]I wish that the time had not passed so fast! [00:18.21]B:I have the same feeling. [00:21.60]A:And the final examinations are to be taken. [00:27.12]B:Good!It's a good chance to see how well we've do...

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