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        • 牛津初中英语一年级课文UNIT1

          [00:52.40]Oh,I love this e-dog. [00:59.66]I'm Eddie.What's your name?My name's Hobo. [01:05.62]Are you my master?Yes,I am. [01:11.37]Good,This is my instruction book.Read it now. [01:18.21]Reading A Welcome to Beijing Sunshine Secondary School [01:27...

        • 牛津初中听力英语一年级课文UNIT2

          00:04.49]Wake up,Eddie!Look at the time.Is it time for breakfast? [00:14.24]What are you going to do today,Eddie? [00:19.70]Well,after breakfast I want to go to sleep. [00:25.76]Then I'll have lunch.After lunch.I'll go to sleep. [00:32.42]Some dogs j...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级课文UNIT3

          [00:05.38]Hobo,today is Halloween.Great!Let's celebrate. [00:16.14]What are you doing?I'm dressing up as a ghost. [00:22.41]Ghost?That's not very interesting. [00:27.74]OK.then I'll dress up as Monkey King. [00:33.38]Reading Getting ready for Hallowe...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级课文UNIT4

          00:04.41]It's lunchtime,Hobo.Let's have a hamburger. [00:12.67]You're always hungry,Eddie. [00:17.14]I need a lot of energy.Why?You never exercise. [00:24.08]Yes,I do. I walk to my bowl many times a day. [00:30.25]Reading A Food and lifestyles [00:38...

        • 牛津初中听力英语一年级课文UNIT5

          00:04.99]I want you to go shopping with me today.I'm not free today. [00:15.62]Well,I want to buy a lot of things but I don't have any money. [00:22.18]All right,here's my wallet. [00:26.25]Thank you,Eddie,but please come with me!Why?You have money n...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级课文UNIT6

          [00:04.41]I don't know what to wear today.Hobo. [00:12.28]Eddie.you're a dog.Dogs don't wear clothes. [00:18.44]Oh,yes,that's right.I can spend 10 more minutes in bed then. [00:25.81]You're so lazy. [00:29.36]Reading A The fashion show [00:38.11]Last...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词UNIT1

          [00:08.49]e-dog master instruction year [00:13.43]电子狗 主人 说明,指令 年,岁 [00:18.36]flat clever Maths basketball [00:22.69]套房 聪明的,伶俐的 数学 篮球 [00:27.01]club come from be born quite [00:30.98]兴趣小组,俱乐部 从...来,来自于.... 出生...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词UNIT2

          [00:01.65]Unit 2 [00:03.29]wake up just fun sleep [00:06.87]醒过来,叫醒 确实,完全,仅仅,只是 乐趣,有趣的事 睡觉 [00:10.45]a.m p.m. assembly after-school [00:14.58]上午 下午餐 晨会,集会 课外的 [00:18.70]activity homework more than because [00:23.34]...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词UNIT3

          [00:01.49]Unit 3 [00:02.98]celebrate Halloween dress up as [00:07.67]庆祝 万圣节前夜 装扮 作为,当作,像... [00:12.36]ghost Monkey King Christmas Festival [00:16.18]鬼 美猴王 圣诞节 节日 [00:20.01]the Dragon/Boat Festival [00:21.83]端午节,龙舟节 [00...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词UNIT4

          [00:01.45]Unit 4 [00:02.90]hamburger hungry need energy [00:06.28]汉堡包 饥锇的 需要 能量 [00:09.67]never exercise bowl hate [00:13.15]从不,决不 锻炼 碗 讨厌,恨 [00:16.64]vegetable dancer tired important [00:20.36]蔬菜 跳舞者;舞蹈演员 疲劳的,累的...

        • 牛津初中听力英语一年级单词UNIT5

          [00:01.40]Unit 5 [00:02.80]go shopping free shopping mall sticker [00:06.62](去)购物 空闲的 大型购物中心 (不干胶)贴纸 [00:10.45]hair clip teddy bear Walkman shopkeeper [00:14.03]发夹,发卡 玩具熊 随身听 店主,售货员 [00:17.61]minute just a minute o...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词UNIT6

          [00:01.49]Unit 6 [00:02.98]fashion lazy tie cotton [00:06.52]时装,时尚,风尚 懒惰的 领带,领结 棉,棉布,棉花 [00:10.06]leather silk wool fashion show [00:13.60]皮,皮革 丝,丝绸 羊毛 时装表演 [00:17.14]time century colourful smart [00:20.56]时代,...

        • 牛津初中英语一年级单词sounds

          [00:03.21]Vowels i:I e [] [] a:[] [] [ ] u: [00:21.76]З: [] eI aI [] [] [] [] [] [] [00:37.69]Consonants P b t d k g [] [00:48.88][] tr dr ts dz f v [00:59.04][] [] s z [] [] h [01:09.17]m n [] l r j w [01:21.11]Vowels [01:24.14]/i:/ me see tea fiel...

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