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        • 新交流英语第一册UNIT1-3

          [00:00.00]Up Close 1; [01:00.76]Unit 1 Welcome to L.A!; [01:05.21]Warm Up Exercise C; [01:08.94]Listen.Where are these people?Circle the correct picture above.; [01:15.52]M1:Okay.Quiet!Cameras, zoom in on Carl...Ready?; [01:21.07]Lights! Camera! ACTI...

        • 新交流英语第一册UNIT4-6

          [00:00.00]UNIT 4 Let's go rollerblading; [00:23.87]Warm Up; [00:25.27]Exercise D. Listen.Circle the two activities you hear.; [00:31.52]1.Mike:Hello? Phil:Hi,Mike.It's Phil.What are you doing?Are you busy?; [00:43.55]Mike:No.I'm just reading. Phil:Wh...

        • 新交流英语第一册UNIT7-9

          [00:00.00]UNIT 7 A sandwich and some coffee?; [00:21.23]Warm Up; [00:22.74]Exercise B. Listen.Stacey and Casey are shopping Where are they?; [00:29.91]Circle the correct store.; [00:32.18]Stacey:Let's see. We need some eggs. Casey:Okay.And we need so...

        • 新交流英语第一册UNIT10-12

          [00:00.00]UNIT 10 You don't look well.; [00:23.29]Warm Up; [00:24.52]Exercise B. Listen.Look at the picture above.; [00:29.44]Circle the names of the body parts you hear.; [00:33.06]M1:Today on our program we have Dr.Delaney,; [00:36.95]doctor of the...

        • 新交流英语第二册UNIT1-3

          [00:00.00]Up Close 2; [01:07.88]Unit 1 Great movie!; [01:12.17]Warm Up Exercise B Listen.; [01:16.43]Where did the people go?Check the correct picture.; [01:21.22]A:So,did you like it? B:Like it? I loved it.; [01:26.06]A:Me,too.I enjoy the last part...

        • 新交流英语第二册UNIT4-6

          [00:00.00]Unit 3 We're jogging at Griffith Park.; [00:22.76]Vocabulary in Context; [00:26.23]Exercise E. Listen again and repeat.; [00:31.89]1. Why don't we try to get more exercise?; [00:47.33]2.Don't you go to the gym everyday?; [01:03.02]3.You nee...

        • 新交流英语第二册UNIT7-9

          [00:00.00]Unit 7 Casey!Watch out!; [00:24.94]Warm Up Exercise C.; [00:28.66]Listen to Karen and Nathan talking about housework.; [00:32.82]Circle the activities you hear.; [00:36.11]Karen:I think you should help me more with the housework.; [00:39.92...

        • 新交流英语第二册UNIT10-12

          [00:00.00]Unit 10 What did she say?; [00:24.41]Conversation Did you get the job?; [00:28.61]Phil Chen is interviewing for a job as a graphic designer.; [00:33.76]Exercise A. Listen and practice.; [00:38.82]F1:So,Phil,you said you were a student.; [00...

        • 新交流英语第三册UNIT1-3

          [00:00.00]UP CLOSE 3; [01:06.25]Unit 1 This is your life!; [01:10.42]Warm up; [01:11.59]Exercise A Listen to the descriptions.; [01:15.54]Write the number of the description next to the correct picture.; [01:20.12]1.My brother loves sports.He's passi...

        • 新交流英语第三册UNIT4-6

          [00:00.00]Unit 4 I need to ask you for a favor.; [00:28.03]Warm up; [00:29.48]Exercise A; [00:31.50]Listen to the conversations.For each sentence,circle the word you hear.; [00:38.03]1.A:Would you mind giving me a ride to school? B:No problem.; [00:4...

        • 新交流英语第三册UNIT7-9

          [00:00.00]UNIT 7 My favorite things; [00:28.42]Warm up; [00:29.71]Exercise A Listen to the four conversations.; [00:34.46]Circle the word you hear in each one.; [00:37.34]1.A:Thank you so much for the flowers.; [00:41.84]B:Do you like roses? A:Yes,th...

        • 新交流英语第三册UNIT10-12

          [00:00.00]Unit 10 Vacation plans; [00:27.96]Warm up; [00:29.13]Exercise B Listen to the conversations.; [00:33.95]Where does each person want to go? Complete the sentences below.; [00:40.37]Narrator:Elena is talking with her husband.; [00:44.31]M1:Wh...

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