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           《中级美国英语教程》是赖世雄先生继引起轰动的《初级美国英语教程》之后的又一力作。 《中级美国英语教程》既保留了赖世雄教授所特有的讲授风格,又在初级本的基础上循序渐进,扩充内容,增加深度,为广大英语爱好者再一次提供了难得的学习机遇。





        • 1. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day English is an international language. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn it. It can be rewarding or just a waste of time. It's up to you. It depends on how you study it. Here are some tips abo
        • 2. How to Improve Your English p.9. Lesson2:How to Improve Your English p.9. Mack is talking to his friend Don. M: Hi, Don! How are you doing in your English class? D: Not so well, I'm afraid. M: What's the problem? D: I'm not improving
        • 3. The City of Song p.13 Lesson3:TheCityofp.13 Listening to music is the favorite pastime of many people all over the world. This is especially true for people living in Vienna, the city of song. Being the home of Mozart, thi
        • 4. He Who Hesitates Is Lost p.21 4. He Who Hesitates Is Lost p.21 Mike is in Vienna with his girlfriend Daisy. M: Are you having a good time, Daisy? D: Are kidding? I'm having the time of my life. I loved the concerts. M: Concert goi
        • 5. Bungee Jumping p.26 5. Bungee Jumping p.26 Bungee jumping looks like fun. It makes me nervous just to watch someone do it. It certainly takes a lot of guts to jump one thousand feet above the water with only a rope tied
        • 6. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained p.35 6. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained p.35 Lisa and Bill are talking about their future. L: What's your goal in life, Bill? B: To fly in the sky and feel as free as a bird. L: That's easy. B: What do yo
        • 7. Doctor Death p.39 7. Doctor Death p.39 Whether very sick people should be helped to end their own lives is a question many people cannot answer. However, Dr.Kevorkian is an exception. That he has done this more than tw
        • 8. No Hearts or No Brains? P.52 8. No Hearts or No Brains? P.52 Helen and Dick are talking about the previous article. H: I don't understand how people can think Dr. Kevorkian is doing the right thing. D: Well, helping people die wi
        • 9. Be Thoughtful p.28 9. Be Thoughtful p.28 Being thoughtful simply means thinking of others before yourself. What you say or do will have an effect on others. So it is important that you think before you say or do anythin
        • 10. What Are Friends For? 10. What Are Friends For? Jane meets her old friend, Fred. J: Hi, Fred! How's everything? F: Not so good, I'm afraid. Supporting a family is becoming more and more difficult these days. J: What you sa
        • 11. Power without Pollution p.69 11. Power without Pollution Pollution is a big problem in almost all the big cities of the world. City people are, therefore, becoming more and more worried about how they can get rid of pollution. Th
        • 12. Stop the Noise p.77 12. Stop the Noise Mr. Chen is talking to his neighbor Mrs. Wang. C: May I have a word with you? W: Sure. What's the problem? C: It's about your son. I'm tired of his making so much noise at all hours
        • 13.Health Comes First p. 81 13.Health Comes First Smoking is bad in that it is harmful to one's health. In spite of the fact that doctors have even warned that it causes cancer, people still keep on smoking. In some Western coun
        • 14. Quit Cold Turkey p.89 14. Quit Cold Turkey Jane is talking to her boyfriend. J: You promised me that you were going to give up smoking. What's that in your hand? B: I'm sorry. I really want to except that every time I get
        • 15. Don't Rely on Luck! P.93 15. Don't Rely on Luck! Passing exams is every student's dream. Failing them is their nightmare. So, to realize their dreams, many students try anything. They even go to fortunetellers, buy lucky char
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