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        • 保险英语Unit 1添加文本 [00:00.00]A financial definition of insurance [00:02.93]Throughout human history,unexpected economic losses have occurred. [00:07.52]Such losses would continue to occur whether or not a system of insurance had ever been devised. [00:13.14]But through
        • 保险英语Unit 2 [00:00.00]Some unique characteristics of life insurance [00:03.92]Life insurance is a risk-pooling plan,an economic device through which the risk of premature death is transferred from the individual to the group. [00:14.29]However,the contingency in
        • 保险英语Unit 3 [00:00.00]How pensions work in the United States [00:02.77]A pension is an income payable after a worker retires,usually at the age of 60 or above, [00:09.90]depending on the provisions of the particular retirement plan. [00:13.35]Pensions can also b
        • 保险英语Unit 4 [00:00.00]Shop around for the best car insurance [00:03.16]Shopping around for motor insurance really pays. [00:06.82]You might find a quote for half your present premium if you just took time to make a few telephone calls. [00:13.19]Research by Tele
        • 保险英语Unit 5 [00:00.00]Different types of credit cover [00:02.51]HEADING A [00:04.23]Offered by a number of underwriters in the UK and on the continent,this policy structure protects against the catastrophe risk. [00:13.09]Sometimes called Excess of Loss or Stop
        • 保险英语Unit 6 [00:00.00]Property insurance [00:01.85]SECTION 1 A [00:04.57]We will pay for loss of or damage to the buildings caused by [00:09.51]1 Fire,Lightning,Explosion or Earthquake [00:14.58]2 Smoke [00:16.54]but not loss or damage caused by smog,agricultura
        • 保险英语Unit 7 [00:00.00]Reinsurance in property and liability insurance [00:03.58]There are two essential ways in which risk is shared under reinsurance agreements in the field of property and liabity insurance. [00:12.09]The reinsurance agreements may repuire the
        • 保险英语Unit 8 [00:00.00]A risk management program [00:02.46]The scientific method of planning to deal with losses is called risk management. [00:08.12]A risk management program usually involves three steps: [00:12.77]1.Identifying and measuring exposures to loss [
        • 保险英语Unit 9 [00:00.00]All aboard for Allfinanz [00:02.72]The Germans coined the term Allfinanz,the marriage of banking with insurance and other services for retail customers, [00:10.71]yet their banks and insurers have lagged behind European rivals in putting it
        • 保险英语Unit 10
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