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        • 白领快餐口语第1期:我要找工作 【Trancript】 I am working on it A:Hi, Monica, how is everything going? B:Everything goes well, but I am thinking about quitting my current job. A:Why? Youre not satisfied anymore? B:I just sense. But I cannot grow anymore. My boss is not really su
        • 白领快餐口语第2期:会打电话很关键 【Trancript】 Calling a company A:ABC Company, my name is Lucy. How can I help you? B:Hello, Lucy, this is Monica. Im calling for the accountant position. I saw the information about the vacancy on your companys website. Is it still available?
        • 白领快餐口语第3期:投简历时的注意事项 【Trancript】 E-resume or paper resume A:Hello, Lucy. This is Monica again. I have a question. B:Please ask. A:I was wondering what kind of resume do you prefer, an e-resume or paper one? B:For this position we prefer e-resume at the very beginning
        • 白领快餐口语第4期:接到猎头电话该咋办 【Trancript】 A call from a head-hunter R: Hello, I am Richard from the Brooks Head-hunter company. Can I have a private talk with you? M: Er? I am driving right now. Can you call back in 30 minutes? R: Sure. R: Hi, Monica, Richard again. Have you
        • 白领快餐口语第5期:与应聘公司的前台打好关系 【Trancript】 Could you show me the way? A:Excuse me, could you please show me the way to the human resource department? B:Yeah, but have you made an appointment ahead? A:Yes, of course. I am Monica. I have made an appointment with your HR ma
        • 白领快餐口语第6期:人山人海的三轮面试 【Trancript】 Three rounds is successful A:Good afternoon. How can I help you? B:Good afternoon. My name is Monica. I am here for the job interview at 2 PM. A:Ok, please first fill in the form and return it to me. You can do it in the next do
        • 白领快餐口语第7期:被经理面试要主要的事项 【Trancript】 Meeting the manager A: Good afternoon. I suppose you are Ms. Monica. My name is Mr. Thomas, the general manager of ABC Company. Here is my business card. B: Thank you very much. A: I am very impressed by your resume. Therefore, I am v
        • 白领快餐口语第8期:今天的面试就到这里 【Trancript】 It is enough for today A:It is enough for today. Do you have any last question? If not, thank you for taking your time to come to our interview. B:Youre welcome. For the moment, I have no further questions. I got a good picture of
        • 白领快餐口语第9期:面试完了,还是很紧张~~ 【Trancript】 Still a little on edge A:Any plans tonight? B:Not really, do you? A:Well, I am wondering if we took a hang-out for a drink or something. You know, I just came back from a really tough interview. I was quite nervous during the in
        • 白领快餐口语第10期:接到应聘公司的复试电话~ 【Trancript】 Please come for the next round A: Hello. This is Lucy from ABC Company. Is this Monica? B: Yes. A: I am calling to inform you that you have passed the first two rounds of interview. Could you please come for the final round? It is sch
        • 白领快餐口语第11期:与好友分享复试的消息~~ 【Trancript】 Share the news with Tina A :Hi, Tina, Ive got good news. I have successfully passed the first two rounds of interview with ABC Company. They informed me to go to the final round next Monday. It looks very promising. B: That is awesome
        • 白领快餐口语第12期:面试时工资提问技巧~~ 【Trancript】 Hi, Negotiates salary A:Good morning, Miss Monica. Nice to meet you again! B:Good morning, Mr. Thomas, it is nice to see you too. A:After the internal discussion, we have all agreed that you are the most suitable person for this
        • 白领快餐口语第13期:面试时讨论福利问题~~ 【Trancript】 Talk about social benefits A:Could I ask some questions regarding to the social benefits? B:Go ahead, please. A:How long is my paid vacation every year? B:Youll have 10 days paid vacation every year. A:What about the insuran
        • 白领快餐口语第14期:面试成功,准备上班了~~ 【Trancript】 Please come next Monday A:Hello, this is Lucy from ABC Company. B:Hello, Lucy. A:Im calling to see if you have made your decision. You are the right person we are seeking for. B:Yes, I have decided to work with your company. A:
        • 白领快餐口语第15期:应聘者询问公司情况技巧 【Trancript】 How can I get there? A: Hello, this is Lucy from ABC Company. Is this Monica? B:Yes, it is. A:I am calling to inform you that we have arranged an interview for this accountant position at 2 PM this Thursday afternoon. Please come on t
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