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        • 学英语 01 Time时间 Time He will come at 9pm. 他晚上九点过来. It starts at 10am. 早上十点开始. Meet him at mid-night. 午夜与他见面. Meet him at noon. 中午与他见面. Meet him in the afternoon. 下午与他见面. Meet him in the evening. 傍晚与他见面. Meet him this morning. 早
        • 学英语 02 Thankfulness Blessings致谢祝福 Thankfulness Blessings 致谢祝福! Good luck. 祝你幸运! Have a nice day. 祝你有美好的一天。 I owe you a fever. 我欠你个人情。 I owe you an apology. 我应该向你道歉。 I'm sorry. 对不起! Say my love to Gail. 代我向盖尔问候! Sorry! 对不起! Thank you
        • 学英语 03 Love Talk情侣 Call me. Give me a kiss. I can't stand it any longer. I hate you. I love you. Let's break up. Love you for ever. Miss me. Miss you much. Miss you . Today's Voluntine's Day. We have to talk about it. You are my angel. You are my bodyguard.
        • 学英语 04 Snacks小吃 学英语 04 Snacks小吃
        • 学英语 05 Wedding Anniversary结婚周年 It's a wedding anniversary今天是我们的结婚纪念日 It's a fifth wedding anniversary今天是我们的结婚5周年纪念日 It's a tenth anniversary今天是我们的锡婚纪念日 It's a china anniversary今天是我们的瓷婚纪念日 It's a silver anniversary今天是我们的银婚纪念
        • 学英语 06 Transportation交通工具 Transportation 交通工具 I got there on foot. 我走路去那儿。 I got there by bus. 我搭公车去那儿。 I got there by train. 我搭火车去那儿。 I got there by bullet train 我搭子弹列车去那儿。 I got there by MRT. 我搭捷运去那儿。 I got there by airplane. 我
        • 学英语 07 Amusement Places游乐声所 Amusement Places 游乐场所 1.I went to an amusement park. 我去游乐
        • 学英语 08 Food and Drink饮食 I bought some drinks I bought some noodles I bought some rice I bought some seasonings I bought some fruits I bought some preserved food. I bought some jerk. I bought some cans I bought some healthy food. I bought some low-calory cos. I bought some
        • 学英语 09 Appearances容貌 Appearances The face He has a round face. He has an oval face. He has a triangular face. He has a square face. He has curly hair. He hsa straight hair. He has naturally curly hair. He has short hair. He has long hair. He has black hair. He has brown
        • 学英语 10 整体印象 The whole image She is fat. She is slim. She is bony. She is tall. She is short. She is beautiful. She is ugly.
        • 学英语 11 work Uesful Sentences Work I got an interview. I work for a bank. The boss admires me much. It's pay day. The task is tough. I can not stand it. I should change jobs. I have a conference. The conference starts at 9am. I'm pressed for time.
        • 学英语 12 shopping购物 Shopping My cloth faded. I went shopping. There are discounts on clothes. The clothes were attractive. I haggled with the sales woman. I bought a suit. It's a steal. That's brand new. It's the fashion trend. I paid in cash.
        • 学英语 13 Entertainment娱乐 Entertainment Seeing movies is my favorite. It's a thriller. He got the best actor award. She is a charred faced actor. I like to sing. We couldn't hold the voice down. We dance crazily. I traveled abroad. I took many pictures. I spent a lot of mone
        • 学英语 14 Hobbies嗜好添加文本 14 Hobbies嗜好 I like to paint. 我喜欢画画。 I bought painting stuff.我买画画的素材。 Cooking is my hobby.烹饪是我的嗜好。 I broiled fish.我煎鱼。 I play the piano.我弹钢琴。 I joined the photography club.我参加摄影
        • 学英语 15 Accident突发状况 Accidents I lost my credit card. It is hard to believe. I filled out some forms. The police left my information. The passerby gave me aid directions. The fire rang the bell. I called for help. I fled in time. They were taken by ambulance. The victim
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