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        《初级剑桥商务英语》是旨在为通过BEC Preliminary考试提供全面有效复习的学生用书。




        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit1添加文本 1.1B 1 woman: Good morning,my name's Tessa Saunders. man: Pleased to meet you,Mrs Saunders. 2 man: Hello,I'm Paul Timmerman. woman: How do you do. Mr Timmerman? man: Please,call me Paul. 1.1C 1 woman: Excuse me, are you Mr Robinson? man1: No,I'm not,
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit2 2.1A ABC: Good morning , ABC software. Caller: Hello this is Stephanie Ferguson from Morgan Enterprises. Could I speak to Mr. George Braun? ABC: Is that Mr. Robert brown or Mr. George Braun? Caller: Im nor sure, I want to talk to someone about instal
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit3 1 Women: Er, who did you work for? Men:A gold star electric, a korean company,its a part of lucky gold star group Women: and what did you work? Men: a head quarters ,that is soap ,world travel a lot , travel over 120 countries.so I am not acturelly i
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit4 1:women: oh,good morning.Ive got the appointment with Mr vater in her personal department Men: a, good morning!you must be Mrs peters women: yes, thats right! Men: Mr vater asked me to send you up when you ve arrived .Herson the first floor. Women:Th
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit5 Listen to the interview and make notes about the company. ANNOUNCER:And now,continuing our series of interviews with people in local industry, we have an interview with Geoff Story,the Managing Director of Donaldson Packaging. PRESENTER:Mr Story,you'
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit6 [00:01.04]Lesson 3 [00:02.22]Part B [00:03.27]Listen to these 3 people talking about their jobs. [00:07.73]Complete the table in your book. [00:09.85]1 INTERVIEWER:What do you do,Lee? [00:13.95]LEE:I'm a lawyer for a multinational company based here
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit7 Part B Listen to these two conversations and check your answers. WOMAN1:Could you make me a copy of this report? MAN1:Sure. WOMAN1:Oh,and would you type this letter?It's very urgent. MAN1:I'm very busy right now.Can I type it tomorrow? WOMAN1:And som
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit8 Part B Listen to Susan Morris talking to a colleague about her arrangements for her trip. Fill in the diary page in your book. MAN:When are you off then? SUSAN:I'm leaving on Sunday night. MAN:What's your schedule? SUSAN:I arrive in Singapore on Mond
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit9 Lesson 1 Part B Listen to Jennifer talking to a colleague. Write the names of the hotels in the hotel guide in your book. JENNIFER:I'm off to Kuala Lumpur for a few days next month. You've been there recently-can you recommend a hotel? MAN:Well,I sta
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit10 Part D Listen to Asad discussing his schedule. Complete the monthly planner in your book. LATIF:OK.Now,where am I going next month? SECRETARY:You're going to Los Angeles and Toronto at the beginning of April, and Frankfurt later in the month. LATIF:I
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit11 [00:01.83]Lesson 1 [00:03.74]Part B [00:06.24]Listen to these verbs [00:08.54]and mark whether they sound like the example 1,2 or 3. [00:14.52]1.lived [00:18.31]2.passed [00:23.51]3.needed [00:27.01]worked [00:28.81]planned [00:33.02]stopped [00:35.2
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit12 Lesson 1 [00:03.34]Part B [00:05.33]Listen to Susan McLean [00:07.73]phoning the Ambassador Hotel in Taipei to arrang accommodation. [00:12.72]Complete the note in your book. [00:15.20]CLERK:Ambassador Hotel. Can I help you? [00:22.20]SUSAN:Good morn
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit13 00:02.14]Lesson 1 [00:03.94]Part A [00:05.64]Listen and mark the stress. [00:08.72]1 warranty [00:11.70]2 guarantee [00:16.09]3 installation [00:21.89]4 delivery [00:27.40]5 technical [00:32.29]Lesson 2 [00:35.19]Part A [00:36.81]Listen to a commerci
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit14 [00:03.03]Part A [00:05.04]Listen to Graciela Perez,inviting Victor Bonillo,to lunch. [00:10.24]You will hear two versions of the conversation. [00:13.43]Which one is more polite and friendly? [00:16.20]First version [00:17.97]BONILLO:Bonillo. [00:26
        • 初级剑桥商务英语 unit15 [00:03.34]Listen to a woman who has just bought a Velo [00:06.84]talking to the sales assistant. [00:09.53]Complete the product questionnaire in your book. [00:12.83]CLERK:...I'll charge that to your account. [00:15.83] Now,before you go, [00:18.63]c
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