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        • 初级英语听力(新版) lesson 1 Hello, I want a cab. OK. What address is it? 1120 East 32nd Street. Right. The cab will be there in a few minutes. Would you mind passing the salt, please? Certainly. What's your job? I'm an accountant. Oh! Do you enjoy it? No. I don't really like it
        • 初级英语听力(新版) lesson 2 I think a doctor should be a friendly person. Yes. I agree. Would you like some more potatoes? I'm sorry I can't manage any more. Thank you. Would you like something to drink? Just coffee, please. Are you sure? Quite certain. Thank you. What are you
        • 初级英语听力(新版) lesson 3 Jurg: Mrs. Scott ... Mrs. Scott: Yes? Jurg: I'm afraid I've had an accident. Mrs. Scott: Oh, dear, what's happened? Jurg: I've spilt my coffee. Mrs. Scott: Never mind. Here's a cloth. Klaus is using the launderette for the first time. Klaus: Excuse m
        • 初级英语听力(新版) lesson 5 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson5 Instructor: Listen to these people. They are all taking things to be repaired. Of course, they want to know how much it will cost and how long it will take. Listen to their questions and write the answers you hear.
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 6 初级英语听力(新版) Lession6 Is that Mr. Smith's son? No, it isn't. It's Mr. Morgan's son. Is he Irish? No, he isn't. He is Welsh. Is there any shampoo in the cupboard? No, I'm sorry. There isn't any. Is there any soap, then? Yes. There is a w
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 7 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson7 Is that Mrs. Brown? No, it isn't. It's Mrs. Bright. Is she English? No, she isn't. She is American. Is there any cream in the refrigerator? No. There isn't any, I'm afraid. Is there any milk, then? Yes, there is ple
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 8 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson8 Here comes my secretary. She is an extremely good-looking young woman, don't you think? Yes, but she isn't very good at her work. Perhaps you are right. But I like her all the same. Good evening, and how have you sp
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 9 I'm going to clean the blackboard. But you can't do that. Why can't I? We haven't got a duster. Did you walk to the match? No. I went by car. Did John go by car, too? No. He cycled. Hello, and how did you spend the holiday? I played tennis till lunch
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 10 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson10 Can I help you? Yes, please. I'd like some instant coffee. Certainly. How much would you like? A large jar, please. That's a very nice cardigan. Is it new? Yes. It was very cheap. I got it in a sale. I like it very
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 11 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson11 What are you going to do after this lesson? I'm probably going to have a cup of tea. What about you? Oh, I'm going to the post office. I see. Can you come and see me at nine o'clock? I'm afraid not. You see, I'm me
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 12 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson12 Do you think you could stop whistling? I'm trying to write an essay. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were in the other room. Is it alright if I leave my rucksack on the back seat? Yes, of course. Go ahead. And would y
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 13 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson13 Can I help you, sir? We want a meal. What sort of meal? A hot one or a cold one? A salad, I think. Which one, sir? A ham or a beef salad? What's this sort of salad in English? Which one are you looking at, sir? Tha
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 14 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson14 I want to fly to Geneva on or about the first. I'll just see what there is. I want to go economy, and I'd prefer the morning. Lufthansa Flight LH 203 leaves at 0920. What time do I have to be there? The coach leave
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 15 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson15 What flights are there from London to Vienna tomorrow? If you'd like to take a seat, I'll find out for you. I'd like to travel first class, please. BEA Flight BE 502 takes off from Heathrow at 0925, and flies direc
        • 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson 16 初级英语听力(新版) Lesson16 How shall I do it, sir? Just tidy it up a bit, please. Do you want some spray? No, nothing at all. Thank you very much. Is anybody looking after you? No. I'm after a size 40 V-neck pullover in grey. The best I can
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