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        • 电脑英语信息高速公路

          [00:00.00]Chapter 10 The Information Superhighway [00:02.78]第十章 信息高速公路 [00:05.56]Dialogue 1 [00:06.97]句型1 [00:08.39]A:Computers are really spreading quickly, I just found the web site of the high school I attended. [00:13.00]电脑...

        • 电脑英语数据库管理系统

          [00:00.00]Chapter 9 Database Management System [00:03.07]第九章 数据库管理系统 [00:06.14]Dialogue 1 [00:07.82]句型1 [00:09.51]A:Hey ,Greg , Check out my new wallpaper! [00:12.43]嘿,Greg,看一下我屏幕的新背景画面! [00:15....

        • 电脑英语计算机硬件

          [00:00.00]chapter 2 Computer Hardware [00:02.31]第二章 计算机硬件 [00:04.62]Dialogue 1 [00:05.73]句型1 [00:06.84]A:I thought computers were supposed to make your life more convenient. [00:09.26]我想电脑应该是让人的生活更方便才...

        • 电脑英语计算机是如何工作的?

          [00:00.00]Chapter 4 How does a computer work? [00:02.81]第四章 计算机是如何工作的? [00:05.62]Dialogue [00:07.76]A: Mark ,your computer has just turned off all by itself! [00:11.18]马克,你的电脑刚刚自己关掉了! [00:14.60]...

        • 电脑英语计算机软件

          [00:00.00Chapter 3 Computer Software [00:02.59]第三章 计算机软件 [00:05.17]Dialogue 1 [00:06.78]句型1 [00:08.39]A:I don't understand how to use this new software . [00:10.49]我不懂这软件怎么用。 [00:12.59]B:Didn't you look at the...

        • 电脑英语计算机病毒

          [00:00.00]Chapter 7 [00:00.91]第七章 [00:01.83]Computer Virus [00:03.17]计算机病毒 [00:04.52]Dialogue 1 [00:05.56]句型1 [00:06.61]A: Do you have virus protection software on your PC? [00:09.51]你的电脑有防毒软件吗? [00:12.41]B:N...

        • 电脑英语办公自动化

          [00:00.00]Chapter 6 Office Automation [00:02.89]第六章 办公自动化 [00:05.77]Dialogue 1 [00:06.75]句型1 [00:07.73]A: I think I need to learn how to type. [00:09.94]我想我需要练习打字。 [00:12.15]B: Don't you know how to already? [0...

        • 电脑英语1.计算机系统添加文本

          [00:00.00]Computer System Dialogue 1 [00:03.15]计算机系统 句型1 [00:06.30]A: Hey,Bill. Can you tell what's wrong with my computer? [00:08.62]嘿,比尔。你看看我的电脑出了什么问题吗? [00:10.95]I can't move the mouse ,I can't...

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