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        • 宠物专用航空公司

          Background: 一家用来只供宠物飞行使用的航空公司听起来很奇怪,不过美国最新的 Pet Airways 宠物航空改装了几架货运飞机就准备来运送宠物们。宠物的主人们只要付250美元 (大约合人民币1,700元...

        • 大千世界:所向无敌的"星际争霸战"

          Less a bid to measure up against other movies at the box office, Star Trek may actually be more in competition with itself, and its many incarnations preceding this latest voyage of the USS Enterprise into theaters everywhere. But what does distingui...

        • 大千世界:迷失在书里

          Yal: Hey Don, whatcha reading? Don? Don! Don: Huh? Y: I asked what book you're reading. D: Oh, sorry. I guess I was lost in the story. Y: That's OK. That's what a good story will do, right? In fact, there's a study that explains what's going on the b...

        • 大千世界:狗训练

          If you read dog-training books or watch dog trainers on television, you've probably learned that to control your dog, you have to display dominance. It's commonly thought that because dogs are pack animals, they live according to dominance hierarchie...

        • 大千世界: 蠕虫被送往外太空

          Worms seem like strange animals to send to the International Space Station. It's not like astronauts are going to take time off to go fishing and need to bait their hooks. So why send worms? Believe it or not, scientists are using a microscopic worm,...

        • 大千世界:新西兰无翼大鸟

          Most people searching for buried treasure would be looking for silver and gold, ancient coins or rare artwork. But scientists studying the extinct giant moa (已灭绝的一种新西兰无翼大鸟) bird and its environment are looking for a differen...

        • 大千世界:大量伤亡;纷纷罹病

          With a strong poison spray aimed at a bunch of flying insects, it's easy to imagine several of them falling together at the same time. Because flies are small and dirty creatures, we do not much care if many die at once. However, when it comes to hum...

        • 大千世界:如何跟怀恨在心的"朋友"打交道

          Dear Annie: I am a 24-year-old female and have been friends with Danielle for 12 years. In fact, she is the only friend I have. Recently, I expressed some personal frustrations to her about my brother-in-law's lifestyle. Last weekend, he came to visi...

        • 大千世界:会装死的负鼠

          装死的负鼠 Playing dead doesn't seem like much of a strategy, but it works for the opossum, commonly known as the possum. The possum is a rather unglamorous creature. It has big, black eyes, a pale pointy face and a hairless tail, like a rat's....

        • 大千世界:啮齿类动物有蜜蜂、大象

          大伙肯定都觉得大象怕老鼠...其实不然,大象真正怕的居然是蜜蜂! Don: Hey Yal, have you ever heard that old wives' tale about how elephants are afraid of small rodents like mice and rats? Yal: Yeah, Don. But like many old wive...

        • 大千世界:电鱼


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