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           法律格言、名人经典语句等,同时还收录有对外经济贸易活动中最常用的法律标准句型。原声mp3,由资深朗读专家Marian Linard(英)、 Raphael Cooper(美)朗读,发音标准,语调清晰,目的是帮助读者学习和提高听说能力。




        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Pare1-5 一、保险(Insurance) 1.He is a holder of an insurance policy. 2.How long is the period from the commencement to termination of insurance? 3.Insurance companies insured ships and their cargoes against loss at sea. 4.Mr.Rodman is the most heavil
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part6-7 六、法理(Jurisprudence) 1.A subsequent ratification has a retrospective affect,and be equivalent to a prior command. 2.Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 3.Fairness and justice in a jurisdiction are realized case by case being settled proper
        • 法律英语900句 Part8-10 八、法院(Court) 1.A judicial forum has nothing to do with what is not before it. 2.The court found the accused guilty on all charges. 3.The court has made an order for specific performance. 4.The court ordered the company's funds to be seized
        • 法律英语900句 Part11-15 十一、公司法(Company law) 1.A company director owes a fiduciary duty to the company. 2.A company is regarded by the law as a person:an artificial person. 3.An enterprise as a legal person shall conduct operations within the range approved a
        • 法律英语900句 Part16-17 十六、合伙(Partnership) 1.A partnership is an association of two or more persons to carry on a business for profit. 2.Each partner is viewed as the other's agent. 3.Every partner may take part in the management of the partnership business. 4
        • 法律英语900句 Part18-20 十八、和解(Settlement) 1.Conciliation is a procedure in which a public organ stands between the parties in order to try to solve a civil dispute by their mutual consent. 2.Even significant controversies may be settled through mediation. 3.If
        • 法律英语900句 Part21-25 Part 21 Shipping maritime law 1.If the carrier issues a bill of lading for which there are no goods,the carrier is likely to be liable to the holder. 2.In case of quarantine the property may be discharged at the risk and expense of woners into quaran
        • 法律英语900句 Part26-30 二十六、救济(Remedy) 1.If the contract is null and void,the remedy is to rescind and to put the parties in the position in which they were prior to the attempted agreement. 2.If the statute of limitations has run,the plaintiff is without re
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part31-35 三十一、票据(Instrument) 1.A bona fide holder for value takes free from any defect inthe title of his predecessors. 2. A check cannot be accepted. 3.An endorsement by the deawee is null and void. 4.An instrument is a document of title to mo
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part36-40 三十六、税收(Tax) 1.An income tax deduction si allowed for bad debt. 2.Filing a false tax return is under the penalties of perjury to taxing authorities. 3.He was convicted of tax evasion. 4.It is the duty of citizens to pay taxes in accord
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part41-45 四十一、所有权(Ownership) 1.A person may own land notwithstanding that another has an easement,such as a right of way,over it. 2.A person in possession is not bound to prove that the possessions belong him. 3.He is the de jure owner of the
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part46-50 四十六、刑罚(Punishment) 1.Criminal punishment ought to be based upon blameworthiness only,and not imposed upon those connot be blamed. 2.Guilt always hurries towards its complement,i.e.punishment,only there does its satisfaction lie. 3.He
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part51-55 五十一、遗嘱和继承(Will succession) 1.A will needs the signature of the testator and two witnesses. 2.He bequeathed his shares to his daughter. 3.He was named executor of his brother's will. 4.He would like part of his estate to go to re
        • 法律英语基础听说900句 Part56-60 五十六、招投标(Bidding) 1.A contractor bidding for a construction is required to prepare many bid documents. 2.All bids are kept secret until the winning bid is announced. 3.All bids must be accompanied by a bid bond or bank guarantee of t
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