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        • 生活英语对话 Episode 1: At the airport 公寓伙伴是一个系列英语口语对话教程,介绍住同一公寓的四位伙伴在英国生活和工作的经历,下面是关于本课程中四位公寓伙伴 Tim, Michal, Alice 和 Helen 的介绍。 Tim works in a department store in the city. He's ambitious and very competitive. What's new? He
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 2: In the flat 本单元是关于在公寓的对话 Tim: Alice this is my cousin Michal - our new flatmate. He's really missing his friends. Alice: Oh, Michal let me take your mind off that...So, where are you from? Michal: From near Warsaw - the Polish capital. Alice: Oh, wh
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 3 : At the pub 本单元是关于在酒吧的对话 Tim: It's your round Alice Alice: What, again? Alright, what do you all want? Helen: An orange juice please. Michal: The same for me too. Tim: Oh come on Michal, you're not in Poland now. Why not try a traditional pint of E
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 4 : Another Round 本单元是关于在酒吧的对话 Michal: She's beautiful. Alice: What's wrong with you? Helen: Nothing! You know I think Michal really likes you. Alice: Don't be daft! He's only being polite. Helen: Do you think so? Alice: Yes, and why are you so interes
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 5: Helen at home 本单元是关于海伦在家对话 Helen: Hello? Mum: Hello? Helen? It's mum here. How are you my dear? Studying hard? You know how much your degree means to your father and me. Helen: I was studying before you phoned me! Listen, I need your advice. I'm in l
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 6: Breakfast Time 本单元是关于早饭时间的对话 Tim: Morning, campers! Alice: Ooh, not so loud, my head's killing me. Michal: I feel awful too. I've got a pain in my stomach. My head hurts..... Tim: Welcome to your first British hangover Michal! What you need now is a
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 7: Paying the rent 本单元是关于付房租的对话 Helen: Oh no, it's that time of the month again - time to pay the rent. Tim: Comes round fast enough, doesn't it? Alice: Yeah and I'm so broke just now. I don't know where my money goes. Tim: You need to tighten your belt
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 8: The newcomer 本单元是关于新来的客人的对话 Alice: Hi Michal! Look what I found in a box, near the rubbish bins outside the hospital. Can you believe someone wanted to throw her away! Isn't she adorable? Michal: What are you going to call her? How about Bronka? Th
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 9: The favour 本单元是关于求助别人的对话 Michal: I'm going to see a film tonight. Will anyone like to come with me? Alice: Oh I'd love to Michal but I have to iron all these shirts for Tim. Helen: Look, why don't you go with Michal and I'll iron the shirts? Mi
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 10: Choosing a film 本单元是关于看电影的对话 Alice: Oh, what do you fancy seeing? There's Must Love Dogs - a rom-com. Oh I love romantic comedies, don't you? Pride and Prejudice is on - I adore period dramas. You know all those fine ladies and gents from ages ago, lon
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 11: Phoning the landlord 本单元是关于给房东打电话的对话。 Helen: Hi, dad it's Helen Dad: Hello my dear, how are you? Helen: Studying hard as ever, dad. Can I ask you something as our landlord? Our lease says that we're not allowed animals in the flat. Well, is there a way
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 12: After the film 本单元是关于看完电影后的对话 Michal: Well that rom-com was much better than I expected. It was really romantic. Thank you. Alice: Oh, it was my pleasure. Michal: Would you like to do it again? go out on another date with me? Alice: Another date? Mic
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 13: Tim spills the beans 本单元是关于Tim 泄露了秘密的对话 Tim: So how was the cinema for you two love birds? Alice: How many times do I have to say this? that wasn't a date! Tim: Whoa, easy tiger! Hey this'll put a smile on your face. Guess who our landlord is? Alice: How
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 14: Tim strikes it rich 本单元是关于 Tim 发财了 的对话 Tim: Can I help you madam? Customer: I'm looking for a man's watch. Tim: Well we have a sumptuous selection here: sports, evening, everyday watches. Do you see anything you like? Customer: Oh, I rather like that one.
        • 生活英语对话 Episode 15: A heart-to-heart 本单元是关于心交心谈话。 Helen: Hello? Alice: Hi Helen. Helen: What's up Alice? Alice: It's so quiet at work I thought I'd give you a ring. A little bird told me that the landlord is your dad! Helen: How did you find out? Alice: Never mind about t
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