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            《高中英语》(New Senior English for China,以下简称为 NSEFC),是为了适应新形势发展的需要,由人民教育出版社根据教育部制定的《英语课程标准(实验)》的精神编写的。




        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit1 intergrating skills添加文本 Do you know that you can use the Internet to make friends? You may know that a pen friend, or pen pal,is someone you write letters to. But what is an e-pal,or key pal?Yes,you guessed it! An e-pal is s
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit1 listening Situation1 ---Hi, Peter! ---Hi, Jim! ---Peter, I'm not happy about this. this is a third time you are late for football practise. you have to do something about this. ---Er. I'm sorry Jim. What's the big deal. so I'm a few minutes late.What differenc
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Uint1 reading CHUCK'S FRIEND In the movie Cast Away,Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland. Chuck is a businessman who is always so busy that he has little time for his friends. He is a successful manager in a co
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit1 speaking Speaking I'm 15 years old and I love football. I also like reading, especially stories about people from other countries. I don't enjoy singing, nor do I like computers. I think that rock music is terrible. Hi, I'm Ann, Im 16 and I like dancing and c
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit1 words Unit 1 honest诚实的;正直的 brave勇敢的 loyal忠诚的;忠心的 wise英明的;明智的;聪明的 handsome英俊的;大方的;美观的 smart聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的 argue争论;辩论 solution解答;解决办法;解
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Uint2 intergrating skills AMERICAN ENGLISH AND BRITISH ENGLISH Many students want to know about the differences between American English and British English. How did these differences come about? There is no quick answer to th
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit2 listening Listening. Listen carefully to the tape. Mr.Brown's landlady has many house rules. Write down five of them. It's that woman. She drives me crazy. It all started right from the very first day. I was saying from the very first evening when I set foot i
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit2 reading EMGLISH AROUND THE WORLD English is a language spoken all around the world.There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English.Most native speakers of English are found in the United Kingdom,the United States of America ,A
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit2 speaking 1. EMILY: Karen, can you tell me how to pronounce kilometre? KAREN: Sure. British people say / / and Americans say / /. TEACHER: Karen and Emily, is there anything that isnt clear to you? KAREN: Emily asked me a question but I already answered her. T
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit2 warming up NANCY:Oh,there you are.Now then ,did you have a good flight? JOE:Sure,we flew all the way direct from Seattle to London. NANCY:You must be very tired.Did you sleep at all on the plane? JOE:No,not really.I'm very tired.Could I use your bathroom? NANCY
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit2 words Nancy bathroom make oneself at home towel landlady closet Karen pronounce Thompson broad repeat Dave ketchup majority native total in total the United Kingdom tongue mother tongue equal govenment situ
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit3 listening Unit 3 Part 1 1. Your attention, please. Flight CA 1145 from Beijing to Tokyo is now boarding at gate D45. Please your boarding cards ready and go to the gate. 2. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? The gate for flight UA 445 from
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit3 reading ADVENTURE TRAVEL Why do people travel? Well, many people travel because they want to see other countries and visit places that are famous, interesting or beautiful. People also travel to meet new friends, to try new kinds of food, to experience life
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit3 words Unit 3 consider vt 考虑;照顾;认为 means n 手段;方法 transportation n 运输;运送 board n 上(船、飞机等) △destination n 目的地 experience vt&n 体验;经历;经验 simply adv 仅仅;只不过;简单地;完全
        • 第一册课本听力(上)Unit4 intergrating skills INTEGRATING SKILLS Reading and writing During the first week of May I went on a holiday to Sichuan.First,I found some photos of interesting places which were not too far away from Chengdu.I decided to go and see the big Buddha in leshan and Mount Eme
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球