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           海事英语(Maritime English),是专业英语的一种。是从事船舶工程、海上运输及相关工作人员须懂得的一门英语。海事英语涉及船舶工程、航海、航运业务、海商法律、国际贸易和金融等多个方面。每一方面又可以涵盖许多细分项目。例如航海英语包括驾驶英语、轮机英语等;而航运业务英语则包含了船舶代理英语、租船英语、集装箱运输英语、理货英语、港口业务英语等诸多领域。




        • 海事英语600句 01添加文本 Part 1 Ship's Particulars 1. What is your LOA length overall? 2. Vessel's deadweight is 5350 tons. 3. No.1 hold capacity is 17625 cubic meters. 4. Bale capacity is 14976 cubic meters. 5. Container capaticy is 12384 TEU. 6. Vessel has 43 reefer closet
        • 海事英语600句 02 Part 2 Occupational safety in suggestions 1.Prepare training plan for occupational safety. 2.Prepare training plan regarding type of vessel. 3.Carry out training plan regarding route of vessel. 4.I have taken training course for GMDSS equipment. 5.Wh
        • 海事英语600句 03 Part 3 Taking a pilot 1. I require a pilot. 2. Pilotage is compulsory here. 3. My ETA at Dalian pilot station is 22:00 local time. 4. What is your distance from Londan pilot station? 5. Advise you to rig pilot ladder on port side. 6. Switch on lights
        • 海事英语600句 04 海事英语600句 04
        • 海事英语600句 05 海事英语600句 05
        • 海事英语600句 06 海事英语600句 06
        • 海事英语600句 07 海事英语600句 07
        • 海事英语600句 08 Part 8 Cargo Stowage Securing 1. Check hold for damage. 2. Straighten hold ladders. 3. Are hold vantilators operational? 4. Lubricate blocks of cranes. 5. Check the safe stowage carefully. 6. Check the separation of different cargoes carefully. 7. Cl
        • 海事英语600句 09 海事英语600句 09
        • 海事英语600句 10 Part 10 Bunker barge operation 1. Plug scuppers, save-alls and drip trays. 2. Scuppers plugged. 3. Stand by emergency fire pump and report. 4. Stand by foam monitor and report. 5. Foam monitor is on stand by. 6. Fit bonding wire and report. 7. Mainta
        • 海事英语600句 11 Part 11 Oil Tanker Operation 1. What is maximum loading rate? 2. Ia COW system operational? 3. Is inert gas system operational? 4. What is pumping pressure? 5. When will crude oil washing start? 6. Crude oil washing will start in 20 minutes. 7. Can w
        • 海事英语600句 12 Part 12 Reporting and cleaning up spillage 1. Leak at manifold connection. 2. Overflow at slop tank. 3. How much spilled? 4. Spilled about 3 tonnes. 5. Stand by oil clearance team. 6. Spillage stopped. 7. All crew assist to clear up spillage.
        • 海事英语600句 13 Part 13 Ballast handling 1. Scuppers plugged. 2. Open sea suction valve and report. 3. Sea suction valve closed. 4. Ballast pump stopped.
        • 海事英语600句 14 Part 14 Cleaning tanks 1. Transfer slops into slop tank. 2. Dispose sludge into sludge tank. 3. Sludge disposed into sludge tank. 4. Order shore slop tank. 5. Order slop barge and report. 6. We have 50 tons of slops. 7. Slop barge ordered. 8. Stop pu
        • 海事英语600句 15 Part 15 Preparing for sea 1. Close and secure hatch covers for sea. 2. Lash and secure goods for sea. 3. Close and secure bow doors. 4. Fold and secure bow ramp. 5. Side ramp folded and secured. 6. Lower and secure derricks for sea. 7. Check lashings
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