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        • 胡敏读故事记单词 体面的入场上添加文本 [00:00.00]abandon-accomplish An honorable entry [00:16.39]体面的入场 [00:32.78]The acclaimed academic, Dr.Sir Walter T.J.Fitzbody,TJ [00:36.17]广受赞誉的学者沃尔特,费茨博迪博士 [00:39.55]accompanied the equally accessible expert
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 体面的入场中 [00:00.00]amass-ancestor Animal testing [00:02.85]动物实验 [00:05.69]It was always my ambition to be a research analyst [00:08.32]我那时的抱负一直是做研究分析员, [00:10.95]studying amphibian anatomy for the benefit of mankind. [0
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 体面的入场下 [00:00.00]beach-bidding A dog attack [00:02.65]狂犬出击 [00:05.30]I bet our Bereaved widow [00:07.94]我敢打赌,我们那位丧失亲人的寡妇 [00:10.58]had no idea the beast would one day not listen to her husband. [00:13.20]从没想过那
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 令人沮丧的门厅上 [00:00.00]foundation-frustrating A frustrating foyer [00:03.50]令人沮丧的门厅 [00:07.00]It was so frustrating building a home by yourself, [00:09.43]自己盖房实在是太令人沮丧 [00:11.86]even if the fragrant smell of fresh wood made h
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 令人沮丧的门厅中 [00:00.00]grave-gym A groan or a moan [00:03.15]是呻吟还是呜咽? [00:06.30]Only the husband understood the gravity of the situation. [00:09.27]只有丈夫懂得情况的严重性。 [00:12.25]Years ago, [00:13.78]几年前, [00:15.31]when
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 令人沮丧的门厅下 [00:00.00]impart-inbreeding An improvised alibi [00:03.94]临时做出的辩解 [00:07.89]Tommy Thompson implored the cop to impart mercy. [00:11.01]汤米.汤普森恳求警察发点儿慈悲。 [00:14.13]He knew that the cop's first impulse [00:1
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 打败儿子上 [00:00.00]output--overwhelming [00:03.81]The overthrow of a son [00:05.73]打败儿子 [00:07.65]Mr.Jones' frustration was overwhelming. [00:10.23]琼斯先生失望极了。 [00:12.80]He had always had an outstanding credit rating [00:15.02]他的信誉
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 打败儿子中 [00:00.00]Two hours later the pigment of the skin of the swimmers began to change. [00:03.10]两小时后,游泳者的皮肤色素开始起变化。 [00:06.19]In the first phase it was just a couple of spots [00:08.56]在第一阶段,只有几个小
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 打败儿子下 [00:00.00]prey -- proclaim The privileged [00:02.39]特权阶级 [00:04.78]Relaxing in his tent, [00:06.61]校长一面在帐篷里休息, [00:08.44]the principal was in the process of reviewing his primer [00:11.32]一面在温习他那本 [00:14.
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 可被牺牲的外交官上 [00:00.00]diminish-discretion Expendable diplomats [00:03.24]可被牺牲的外交官 [00:06.48]You know that I have diplomatic immunity!said the Ambassador, [00:09.21]你知道我有外交豁免权!大使说。 [00:11.94]I strongly disapprove of you
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 可被牺牲的外交官中 [00:00.00]edition-embankment An elite town [00:03.04]精英小镇 [00:06.09]There would never be an egalitarian society in Middleton, [00:10.31]米德尔顿永远不会成为平等主义社会。 [00:14.52]a beautiful small town bordering an embankme
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 可被牺牲的外交官下 [00:00.00]facilitate-fantasy Travel through time [00:03.04]穿越时间的旅行 [00:06.09]It was a fanatical fantasy, [00:09.10]虽然那是个狂热的幻想, [00:12.12]but Dr.Hathaway was determined to find fameby being the first to travel throu
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 我的家人上 [00:00.00]junk--lag My kin [00:02.69]我的家人 [00:05.38]My kin have always had a knack for laborious work. [00:08.87]我的家人向来有妙法搞定吃力的活儿。 [00:12.36]We even have our own lab downstairs. [00:14.48]我们甚至还在楼下
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 我的家人中 [00:00.00]macro--manipulate A majestic opportunity [00:02.85]一次绝好的机会 [00:05.69]No one manipulated Scott in any way, [00:09.17]没入对斯科特有任何操纵, [00:12.64]he just wanted to step out of the mainstream and do something c
        • 胡敏读故事记单词 我的家人下 [00:00.00]mitigate--monster A full-blown drunk [00:02.85]一个彻头彻尾的酒鬼 [00:05.69]Dick moaned.He had no mobility in his body and momentary dizziness. [00:09.87]迪克呻吟着。他不仅身子动弹不了,还伴有短暂的眩晕, [
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