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        • 交通英语会话乘车对话语句添加文本 [00:00.00]1.Where is the taxi stand? [00:03.32]出租车停靠站在那里? [00:06.64]2.Where can I get a taxi? [00:10.08]我到哪里可乘出租车? [00:13.53]3.Call a taxi,please. [00:16.89]请替我叫辆出租车。 [00:20.24]4.Do you know t
        • 交通英语会话乘船旅行 [00:00.00]1.When will the ship leave for Honolulu? [00:04.17]这艘船什么时候出发去檀香山? [00:08.33]2.It will leave the port at six on July 8. [00:13.13]7月8日6点出港。 [00:17.92]3.Are there any unreserved first_class cabins? [00:
        • 交通英语会话乘飞机旅行 [00:00.00]1.Will you go by ship or by air? [00:02.27]你乘船还是乘飞机去? [00:04.55]I will go by air(plane). [00:06.15]我乘飞机去。 [00:07.76]2.Is it your first trip by air? [00:11.13]这是你第一次乘飞机旅行吗? [00:14.50]
        • 交通英语会话乘火车旅行 [00:00.00]1.Would you tell me where is the booking office? [00:04.34]请你告诉我售票处在哪里好吗? [00:08.67]2.Please give me a one_way ticket to A. [00:12.84]请给我一张去A的单程票。 [00:17.01]3.What train do you take? [00:19.
        • 交通英语会话出租车 [00:00.00]1.Where's the taxi stand? [00:03.07]出租车停靠站在哪里? [00:06.14]2.Get a taxi for me,will you? [00:09.12]帮我叫一辆出租车好吗? [00:12.09]3.Is this cab available? [00:14.75]这辆是空车吗? [00:17.40]4.Take me to
        • 交通英语会话搭公共汽车 [00:00.00]1.May I ask you a little favor? [00:03.36]请你帮我个忙好吗? [00:06.71]2.Yes,please. [00:08.52]好的,请说。 [00:10.32]3.When can I catch the bus for Tianmu? [00:13.96]去天母的公共汽车我在哪里乘? [00:17.61]4.At
        • 交通英语会话购车票 [00:00.00]A.Selling an Express Ticket [00:01.29]出售快车票 [00:02.59]A:When is the next special express to Gaoxiong? [00:04.10]下一班去高雄的特快车什么时候发车? [00:05.62]B:There is special super_express at 9 o'clock. [00:07.43
        • 交通英语会话交通 [00:00.00]A:Excuse me,but could you tell me how I can get to the First National Bank? [00:02.60]劳驾,你能告诉我怎样去第一国家银行吗? [00:05.20]B:Go straight on this street,turn to the left at the second corner,and you'll find it.
        • 交通英语会话交通常用语句 [00:00.00]1.Where is the taxi stand? [00:02.95]出租车停靠站在哪里? [00:05.90]2.Call a taxi,please. [00:08.72]请叫辆出租车。 [00:11.55]3.About how much is the fare to...? [00:15.28]去的车费大约多少钱? [00:19.02]4.Take me t
        • 交通英语会话交通工具 [00:00.00]A:Does this bus go to the train station? [00:01.45]这辆公共汽车去火车站吗? [00:02.90]B:No.You'll have to get off at the bank and take the A52. [00:05.13]不去。你在银行那一站就得下车,改乘A25路。 [00:07.37]A:H
        • 交通英语会话警察和司机 [00:00.00]P:I'm sorry,ma'am.you can't stop here. [00:01.63]对不起,夫人,这里是不能停车的。 [00:03.27]D:I'm sorry,Officer.I'm waiting for someone. [00:05.15]对不起,警官,我在等人。 [00:07.03]P:You can't stop here,ma'am. [
        • 交通英语会话空中之旅 [00:00.00]A:I'd like to make reservations for two to New York.Do you have anything in Economy Class for this Saturday? [00:03.87]我要预订到纽约的两个座位,周六的经济舱有空位吗? [00:07.73]B:Just a moment,please.I'll check. [00
        • 交通英语会话列车之旅 [00:00.00]A:Pardon me.Where do I buy a ticket? [00:01.44]请问什么地方买到车票? [00:02.87]B:Where are you going? [00:03.66]你要去哪里? [00:04.44]A:To New York. [00:05.09]去纽约。 [00:05.75]B:I think window 6 has New York tickets
        • 交通英语会话问路 [00:00.00]1.Where is the bus stop,please? [00:02.46]请问公共汽车站在哪里? [00:04.91]2.Could you tell me the way to the nearest station? [00:08.16]你能告诉我怎样到最近的车站吗? [00:11.42]3.How can I get to the subway statio
        • 交通英语会话在飞机上对话语句 [00:00.00]1.Is this a non_stop flight? [00:03.70]这是不是直飞班机? [00:07.39]2.Show me to my seat,please. [00:10.83]请你带我到我的座位。 [00:14.26]3.When do we arrive in the United States? [00:18.52]我们什么时候可到达美国
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