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           实用简洁的功能会话,都是日常情景对话,在学习英语的同时了解美国文化,循序渐进,轻松掌握。 原汁原味的对话,让人身临其境的场景,用地道英语交际,让英语活动起来!




        • 捷进英语 lesson 1 the American Library Association Conference? Yes. My name's Barbara Seaton. 3.You're Barbara Seation! Yes! Barbara Seation,of the New York Library? Tony Quercio,Watson's Bookstores? Yes. 4.How do you
        • 捷进英语 lesson 2 Hi Sherise.Hello Sherise.Where's Sherise? Has Sherise gone to the movies? No,she hasn't. She's right here! Wuh-wuh-wuh... Excuse me? Oh! Good morning. Good morning,Wendy. Friend of yours? That's Sheri
        • 捷进英语 lesson 3 1 Where can we eat? Someplace good. Someplace cheap. but vegetarian. You're vegetarian,are you? Yeah. 2. I like meat too much to be a vegetarian.And fresh fish. I don't like fish at all. And I love ba
        • 捷进英语 lesson 4 1.Thank you so much for getting my bags back. We aim to plese. Do you have my booking? Yamamoto? How do you spell that,please? Y-A-M-A-M-O-T-O. 2.Here we are.That's a suite on the 24th floor,with a lo
        • 捷进英语 lesson 5 1.Good evening.Welcome back. Were you on a city tour today? Hm. 2.Did you go to the Public Gardens? And to Charles Street? Did you go to City Hall? And to ... Oh,it was a big day. 3.First,we went down
        • 捷进英语 lesson 6 1.Dean,have you got a moment? Sure. I'm on my way home. I'm working on a scheme to attract younger customers. To the restaurant? Yes. 2.Hm. "Youth Market Trends in the Dining Industry". I beg your par
        • 捷进英语 lesson 7 Good morning... Nu La? Yes.Hello. Please sit down. Thank you. You're interested in a job here? As housekeeping Manager? Yes,thank you. 2.Where are you from,Nu La? I come from Cambodia. I come from Phn
        • 捷进英语 lesson 8 Unit 8 Lesson 1 No problem 1.Excuse me. Hi.Can I help you? I have an appointment at the Blacksmith House Cafe in Cambridge. How can I get there,please. 2.Do you know where in Cambridge? It's in Harvar
        • 捷进英语 lesson 9 1.I need to look for Dean's birthday present. What does he like? He likes computers,sports.The usual.Look at that hat. It's beautiful. Do you want to try it on? Yes. 2.So what sports does he like? Bas
        • 捷进英语 lesson 10 1.ANNE:This won't take a minute. JULIA:No problem.I need stamps anyway. 2 ANNE:Look.Here's the visa for my trip. JULIA:Wow.Look at all the stamps. ANNE:Yeah.I travelled so much in my previous job. 3 J
        • 捷进英语 lesson 11 1 ANNE:Debbie! DEBBIE:Right here. ANNE:Oh!Where is my laptop? There was a laptop computer on my desk this morning and it isn't here now. 2 ANNE:And the phone.I also had a mobile phone. Where is it?Thi
        • 捷进英语 lesson 12 1.KEVIN:Paulo!No walking tour today? PAULO:Not for me. KEVIN:Won't Didi miss you? PAULO:Sh.Let them go. 2 KEVIN:What about all the sights? PAULO:I've seen the sights.The gardens,the monuments,the famo
        • 捷进英语 lesson 13 1 MR.BIGELOW:This is just what I needed. SIMON:It is a lovely park,isn't it MR.BIGELOW:So tell me,Simon,how did you wind up here a restaurant manager in Boston? SIMON:Ah!Well,that's a bit of a puzzle
        • 捷进英语 lesson 14 WILLIAM:Can I help you? GUEST I:Where can I get some medicine for an upset stomach? WILLIAM:We have some over-the-counter remedies in the hotel shop. And there's a pharmacy just down the street. GUEST
        • 捷进英语 lesson 15 1 HEATHER:I used to rollerskte all the time. I loved it when I was little.Did you ? KEVIN:No.I went straight from my pram to a surfboard. I used to live in the ocean.No wheels required. 2 HEATHER:Well
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球