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        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 1 UNIT 1 TEXT The author is not a preacher, and yet he does deliver a kind of sermon here. Who is his audience? Interestingly, his audience is your teachers of Advanced English as a foreign language. Th
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 2 UNIT 2 TEXT Beginning with the earliest pioneers, Americans have always highly valued their freedoms, and fought hard to protect them. And yet, the author points out that there is a basic freedom whic
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 3 UNIT 3 TEXT Do you want a better life? According to the author of the following article, the solution is easy. Simply change the way you look at yourself - and you will change the way you live. Improv
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 4 UNIT 4 TEXT Romance, betrayal, intrigue and tragedy - the making of a fascinating novel - are all there in The Gadfly. Ethel Voynich's first novel, The Gadfly came out in 1897 and became one of the mo
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 5 UNIT 5 TEXT As the author points out below, the success of science has less to do with a particular method than with an essential attitude of the scientist. This attitude is essentially one of inquiry
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 6 UNIT 6 TEXT Charles is a lonely young man and Amy is a crippled girl on a wheelchair. They meet, get to know each other and begin going out together. Charles falls in love with Amy and hopes to be "th
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 7 UNIT 7 TEXT Oliver Barrett IV, a Harvard student from a wealthy WASP family, fell in love with Jennifer, a Radcliff music major, daughter of a pastry chef of Italian descent. Jennifer returned his lov
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 8 UNIT 8 TEXT A victim of an incurable disease, Stephen Hawking is almost completely paralysed, confined to a wheelchair, and unable to speak. Yet, he has overcome every obstacle and achieved far more t
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 9 UNIT 9 TEXT In this world constant changes are a fact of life. How to act in this changing world, then, presents a real challenge for executives of big businesses today. The leader of a big company sh
        • 大学英语精读第五册 Unit 10 UNIT 10 TEXT In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves in the United States. One hundred years after this decree was signed, however, the life of blacks
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