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        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit One:Is There Life on Earth? TEXT It is humorous essay. But after reading it you will surely find that the author is most serious in writing it. Ts There Life on Earth? There was great excitement on the planet of Venus this week. For the first time Venusian scientists managed to
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Two:The Dinner Party TEXT A heated discussion about whether men are braver than women is settled in a rather unexpected way. The Dinner Party I first heard this tale in India, where is told as if true -- though any naturalist would know it couldn't be. Later someone told
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Three:Lesson from Jefferson TEXT Jefferson died long ago, but may of his ideas still of great interest to us. Lessons from Jefferson Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, may be less famous than George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but most people rememb
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Four:My First Job TEXT Trying to make some money before entering university, the author applies for a teaching job. But the interview goes from bad to worse... My First Job While I was waiting to enter university, I saw advertised in a local newspaper a teaching post
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Five:The Professor and the Yo-Yo TEXT Seen through the eyes of a young friend Einstein was a simple, modest and ordinary man. The professor and the Yo-yo My father was a close friend of Albert Einstein. As a shy young visitor to Einstein's home, I was made to feel at ease when Einst
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Six:The Making of a Surgeon A famous surgeon tells about the importance of self-confidence from his own experience. The Making of a Surgeon How does a doctor recognize the point in time when he is finally a "surgeon"? As my year as chief resident drew to a close I asked myself
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Seven;There's Only Luck TEXT In this article the author describes what happened to her one night and what happened to her one night and her feelings about it. There's Only Luck My mind went numb when I saw the gun pointing against the car window as we pulled out of the gara
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Eight:Honesty:Is It Going out of St TEXT Ever thought about cheating on a test? Of course not. But some students are not quite so honest … Honesty: Is It Going Out of Style? Stacia Robbins According to a recent poll, 61 percent of American high school students have admitted to cheati
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Nine:What Is Intelligence, TEXT Asimov explains why there is much more in intelligence than just being able to score high on intelligence tests. What Is Intelligence, Anyway? Isaac Asimor What is intelligence, anyway? When I was in the army I received a kind of aptitude test t
        • 大学英语精读第二册 Unit Ten:Profits of Praise TEXT Are we too quick to blame and slow to praise? It seems we are. Profits of Praise It was the end of my exhausting first day as waitress in a busy New York restaurant. My cap had gone awry, my apron was stained, my feet ached. The loaded trays I c
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