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        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit One:Big Bucks the Easy Way Text Two college-age boys, unaware that making money usually involves hard work, are tempted by an advertisement that promises them an easy way to earn a lot of money. The boys soon learn that if something seems to good to be true, it probably is. BI
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Two:Deer and the Energy Cycle Text Is there anything we can learn from deer? During the "energy crisis" of 1973-1974 the writer of this essay was living in northern Minnesota and was able to observe how deer survive when winter arrives. The lessons he learns about he way deer con
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Three:Why Do We Believe That the Ear Text Can you prove that the earth is round? Go ahead and try! Will you rely on your senses or will you have to draw on the opinions of experts? WHY DO WE BELIEVE THAT THE EARTH IS ROUND? George Orwell Somewhere or other — I think it is in the prefa
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Four:Jim Thorpe Text Jim Thorpe, an American Indian, is generally accepted as the greatest all-round athlete of the first half of the 20th century. Yet the man, who brought glory to his nation, had a heartbreaking life. What caused his sadness and poverty? JIM THORP
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Five:To Lie or Not to Lie--The Docto Text Is it ever proper for a medical doctor to lie to his patient? Should he tell a patient he is dying? These questions seem simple enough, but it is not so simple to give a satisfactory answer to them. Now a new light is shed on them. TO LIE OR NOT
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Six:How to Mark a Book Text "Don't ever mark in a book!" Thousands of teachers, librarians and parents have so advised. But Mortimer Adler disagrees. He thinks so long as you own the book and needn't preserve its physical a
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Seven:The Luncheon Text A young man finds it very difficult to say no to a woman as a result he gets into trouble. The restaurant to which he has agreed to take his luncheon date is far too expensive for his small pocke
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Eight:The New Caves Text Would you choose to live underground if you could gain many advantages from doing so? Weather would no longer trouble you. Temperature would remain the same all the year round. Artificial lightin
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Nine:Journey West Text In 1976, during America's bicetennial celebration, a family decided to travel to the American West instead of joining the majority of people that were celebrating on the East Coast. They wanted t
        • 大学英语精读第四册 Unit Ten:Why People Work Text Do you view work as a burden or an opportunity? Are you the kind of person who looks for ways to save your energy or the kind that finds spending your energy satisfying? Why do people like to com
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