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          快口说英语-本书里的120个单元里面,每一句话都是地道、通行全世界的美国英语,是每天24小时生活中,时时刻刻都用得上的美语。 就像直接让您学“您好!”一样,这些美语很容易学会,不需死背,而且学了一句就马上可以用一句,就是这么简单! 您会发现,在各种生活场合用得上的情况,都为您列有最常用的句子,供您最恰当地选用。在任何场合都可以用得上的会话,都特别标黑,更醒目、让您更容易学。

        • 快口说英语001 Chapter 1: Good morningNo.1 Time to wake upPractice Listen and RepeatA1. Get up! 2. Turn off your alarm! 3. Rise and shine! B1. Its still early. 2. Its too early to get up. 3. Roll over and go back to sleep. C1. I had a good night's sleep. 2. I had d
        • 快口说英语002 No.2 I'm gong to take a shower. Practice Listen and RepeatA1. Go potty2. Flush the toilet. 3. Put the lid down. 4. Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom. 5. Do you need more toilet paper? B1. Dry off after you take a shower. 2. Turn the water
        • 快口说英语003 No.3What do you want for breakfast? Practice Listen and RepeatA1. I'll have my eggs over easy. 2. I'll have toast and jelly for breakfast. 3. I'll have boiled eggs. 4. Could you make me a bowl of cereal, please? 5. I want oatmeal for breakfast, pleas
        • 快口说英语004 4.离家出门 Bye,Im leaving. 再见,我要走了。 1.Have you seen my briefcase? 你有没有看到我的手提箱? 2.I'll pick you up at 3:30. 我下午3点半去接你。 3.Car pool will be here in a minute. 接你上班的人马上就要来
        • 快口说英语005 5 早晨看报Hand me the sports section ,will you ? 把运动版递给我,好吗? 1.I like to read the features and the local news. 我喜欢看专题报道跟本地新闻。 2.I read the editorials every day. 我每天都读社论。 3.I enjoy
        • 快口说英语006 I'll have a sandwich for lunch. 我午餐想吃三明治。 吃午餐1.I'll have a sandwich for lunch. 我午餐想吃三明治。 2.I'll get you a Coke to go with your sandwich. 我帮你拿一杯可乐,让你吃三明治时喝。 3.I just made so
        • 快口说英语007 看电视What channel is the news on? 哪个频道有新闻报道? 有线电视1.We get cable. 我们订了有线电视节目。 2.We have a satellite dish because our reception is poor. 我们装了一个卫星接收器,因为我们这里信号接
        • 快口说英语008 听广播Does this station play good music? 这个电台播的音乐好听吗? 听收音机1.The disc jockey played all my favorite songs. 这个音乐主持人播的音乐都是我最喜欢听的。 2.He hosted a call-in radio show. 他主持一个电
        • 快口说英语009 9.有客来访Who's there? 是谁呀? 1.Who's there? 谁在那里? 2.Who is it? 你是谁? 1.Unlock the door and let me in. 把门打开让我进去。 2.May Icome in? 我可以进来吗? 1.Ring the doorbell.请按门铃。 2.Please use the d
        • 快口说英语010 10 电话留言May I take a message? 1.I'm sorry ,she can't come to the phone right now. 2.May I take a message? 3.Leave your name and number,and we'll get back with you. 1.Tell him John called,and please have him call me back. 2.I left a message on
        • 快口说英语011 11 下班回家 Honey,I'm home. 亲爱的,我回家了。 Honey,I'm home. I'm upstairs. Hi ,how was your day? Good! What's for dinner? Hi. You look beat! I had a rough day at the office. How was traffic? Rush hour was murder. upstairs 楼上 rough (口
        • 快口说英语012 12 放学回家 How was school? 学校的情形怎么样? 1.What did you do in school today? 2.Change your clothes. 3.Clean out your lunch box. 4.Do you have a note from your teacher? 5.Did you get your report card today? Hi Mom. Hi,sweetie. Did yo
        • 快口说英语013 13 吃晚餐 Dinner is ready. 吃晚饭了。 吃饭了 1.Dinner is ready. 2.Please set the table. 要先离桌 1.May I be excused? 问吃什么 1.What's for dinner? 2.What's for dessert? 晚餐 1.She fixed a 7-course meal. 2.We ate a late supper. 3.
        • 快口说英语014 摆餐桌 Did you set the table? 你把餐桌摆好了没有? 对话 Come to the table.Supper's ready. Coming. 来吃饭,晚餐已经好了。 来了。 Wash your hands.It's time to eat. Be there in a minute. 把手洗一洗,该吃饭了。 马上
        • 快口说英语015 15.用餐礼节 Don't talk with your mouth full. 嘴巴里有东西时不要说话。 1. Don't talk with your mouth full. 2.Put your napkin in your lap. 3. It is bad manners to have your elbows on the dinner table. 4.Keep your elbows off the table. 5
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