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        • 英语口语红宝书 01 M:Hello 大家好 我们是戴尔老师 Peter W:Nancy. M:Nancy, it's good to see you here. W:It's good to see you too,Peter. M:今天我们要谈的是找工作的话题。 W:Today we're going to talk about applying, application and applicant. M: 我们想去外企求职就说 W:I'm
        • 英语口语红宝书 02 Victor:今天我们谈论非常popular 的话题movie Nancy:Audrey Hepburn was in Roman Holiday. Victor:Nancy刚才说到我最喜欢的女演员奥黛丽赫本,那么她在罗马假日里饰演角色用in Nancy:When youre talking about an actor in a movie, you never, ever say, acted
        • 英语口语红宝书 03 男:Im very happy to see you 女:happy to see you too 男:今天我们谈论非常好玩的话题,还是跟吃有关:potluck 女:Were having a potluck dinner. it means everyone has to bring a dish. This is really common between college students, because they dont ha
        • 英语口语红宝书 04 女:Thats right, were gonna talk about travel. Have you ever been to Shanghai?, Yes, Ive been there. 男:当你问别人去过哪里的时候,就用,Have you ever been to blabla?, 回答就是Yes, Ive been there. 女:Victor, you notice that I did not say I ve
        • 英语口语红宝书 05 男:Come on!everyboby,来学学怎么和朋友打招呼吧 女:Yeah, casual greetings between friends. 男:这很easy, How do you do?地球人都知道啊! 女:Totally wrong.!We never say how do you do? any more, even in formal situations. Thats for old movies on
        • 英语口语红宝书 06 M: Hello, 我们是戴尔老师Victor W: Nancy M: Hi, Nancy! How are you doing? W: Fine, Victor. How are you doing? M: Fantastic! W: Yeah. M: 这就是我们昨天学的和好朋友打招呼的方式,那么好朋友用英文怎么说呢? W: He's my best friend. Your best friends basic
        • 英语口语红宝书 07 Victor:Nancy , how ya doin? Nancy:Im great, Victor, how ya doin? Victor:Sensational Nancy:Good Victor:今天我们谈论运动的句型,非常经典: 如果错过了朋友的篮球赛,或者没时间看精彩的世界杯直播, 就只好打听打听了:比的怎么样啊? Nancy:How was
        • 英语口语红宝书 08 Nancy:yeh!what daya do? Victor:what do you do?就是我们在问别人职业的时候常说的一句话。 Nancy:now listen to my pronunciation. What daya what daya what daya do? Victor:What daya do? Nancy:good! This is the way we ask someone about their job. wh
        • 英语口语红宝书 09 Victor:今天我们来谈一下伟大的画家达芬奇吧。 Nancy:Da Vinci painted the Last Supper, also we can say The Last Supper was painted by Da Vinci. Victor:Nancy! 达芬奇,最后的晚餐,这两句话是一个意思? Nancy:right! Heres where we can use active voice
        • 英语口语红宝书 10 Nancy:Okay! were going clubbing Saturday night. andTheres a cover charge. Victor:这到底是怎么个玩法呀Nancy? Nancy:Going clubbing means youre going to a dance club, and if it is not good, you go to another dance club, and if thats not good, yo
        • 英语口语红宝书 11 Nancy:Okay! I went trekking in Nepal. Victor:Nancy! What does trekking mean? Nancy:Trekking is a really popular vacation for young, healthy people. Trekking is a long walking vacation, its usually over mountains or rough grounds. Victor:trekk
        • 英语口语红宝书 12 Victor:今天我们来教大家一句非常简单的打招呼的方法。 Nancy:Nice to meet you, and Nice to meet you too, Victor:简单吧! Nancy:Victor, we only use these special words talking about when we meet someone first time, and first time only. Victor:不
        • 英语口语红宝书 13 Victor:Nancy, 让我们今天来谈一下关于友情的话题吧。 Nancy:Were just friends. Theres a difference between a girlfriend and a female friend. A girlfriend is someone youre romantically involved with, and a female friend is a mans friend who just hap
        • 英语口语红宝书 14 Nancy:It was a blowout. or It was a shutout. Victor,Do you remember last Wednesday, we learned, How was the game? Victor:yes!I do. Nancy:ok, you could answer this way: It was a blowout. That means one of the teams beat the other teams by a LO
        • 英语口语红宝书 15 Victor:今天我们要谈论一下关于英文简历的问题。 Nancy:I need to update my resume. Victor:我要把我的简历更新一下。 Nancy:When you want to get a job, you have to give the company a resume. A resume thats in American English, its CV in British Engli
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球