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        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第1期:如何写简历 1.What should be included in my CV? 简历中应该包含哪些内容? 2.What should I put in my education background? 教育背景里应该填些什么? 3.Can I write down my hobbies and interests in my CV? 可以将我的兴趣爱好写进简历里
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第2期:搜索招聘启事 1.What are the accesses of the job ads? 怎样查询到招聘启事呢? 2.Where did you get the information of our employment? 你是从哪里看到我们的招聘信息的? 3.Generally speaking, a job advertisement includes the company, the job
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第3期:网上投递简历 1.Can you tell me how to apply for a job on the Internet? 你能告诉我怎么在网上找工作吗? 2.How do I know if there is a vacancy in a company? 我怎么知道一个公司有没有职位空缺呢? 3.How did you know about this position?
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第4期:参加现场招聘 1.What should I prepare for the recruitment fair? 我应该为招聘会准备什么? 2.What application materials should I take? 我应该带什么申请材料? 3.You should wear a formal dress and be confident. 你应该着正装,自信点。
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第5期:公司地点 1.Could I ask you where the company is? 我能咨询一下贵公司地址在哪里吗? 2.Can I get there by the No. 913 bus? 913路公交车能到吗? 3.Could you tell me the company address, please? 你能告诉我贵公司地址吗? 4.Could I
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第6期:组建时间 1.When was this company established? 请问贵公司是何时成立的? 2.I want to know when the company came into being. 我想问问贵公司是何时成立的。 3.How long has the company been since the business was founded? 请问,贵公司成
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第7期:公司规模 1.How many people are there in the company? 这个公司有多少员工? 2.How many subsidiaries do you have? 公司有多少子公司? 3.What is the scale of your company? 公司有多大规模? 4.What is the population of your personnel? 贵公
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第8期:公司网站 1.What is your corporation website address? 贵公司网站地址是什么? 2.Is there a dot after com? 网址的 com 后面有一个点吗? 3.Is your website address www. zhiliaa com cn? 贵公司的网址是www. zhilian com cn吗? 4. I am sor
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第9期:部门构成 1.The organization structure is the company's framework of comunication and authority. 组织机构指的就是公司内部信息交流和行使职权的一个框架。 2.What kind of organizational structure does your company have? 贵公司有什么样
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第10期:企业文化 1.I wonder what the corporate culture of your company is. 我想知道贵公司的文化是怎样的。 2.May I ask what the core value of the company is? 公司的核心价值观是什么? 3.What is the highest goal of your company? 公司的最高目
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第11期:规章制度 1.Can I ask you what the office rules are? 你能告诉我一些办公室制度吗? 2.Is it from 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning and 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon? 工作时间是上午9点到12点,下午1点到5点,对吗? 3.Do I have to wear e
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第12期:公司前景 1.What are the factors that have great impact on the perspective of this corporation? 什么因素对这个公司的发展前景有大的影响? 2.What are the internal factors that influence the company? 影响公司的内在因素有哪些呢?
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第13期:空闲职位 1.Are there any vacancies still available? 请问有职位空缺吗? 2.Is the position still open? 该职位现在还在招人吗? 3.What kind of opening do you have? 这里有哪些职位空缺呢? 4.Is it possible for me to find a job here? 我
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第14期:工作内容 1.What would a typical day be like here? 我每天的工作安排是怎样的? 2.Do I have to work under stress? 我的工作压力大吗? 3.Do you expect me to do that independently? 你希望我独立完成工作吗? 4.How would you describe
        • 面试英语口语脱口而出 第15期:工作前景 1.What can I gain in doing this job? 做这份工作我能有什么收获吗? 2.Can I get the chance to promotion if I deserve it? 如果我能力突出,那么有升职的机会吗? 3.I want to be told where I can be in the near future. 能否告
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