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        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 01 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 01
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 03 Revision Lesson 3 Photographs of our holiday Narrator: Sandy and Sue are going to school. On the way they meet Billy and Tom. Sandy and Sue: Hullo, Billy! Hullo, Tom! Billy and Tom: Hullo, Sandy! Hullo, Sue! Sandy: Look at these photographs of our h
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 05 Revision Lesson 5 A pair of sunglasses Narrator: Mother is at a shop with father. She wants to buy a pair of sunglases. Mother: I want to buy a pair of sunglasses, please. Assistant: Try on this pair, madam. Mother: Do you like them, Jim? Father: No
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 07 Revision Lesson 7 Please pay attention! Narrator: Miss Grant is Sandy's new teacher. She is giving her class a lesson. Narrator: But Sandy isn't paying attention to Miss Grant. He's looking out of the window. Miss Grant: What can you see out of the
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 09 Revison Lesson 9 Can you tell us the way? Mother: We dont know the way to Station Road. Father: Lets ask that man. Father: Excuse me! Can you tell us the way to Staion Road, please? Man: I dont understand. Mother: Can you tell us the way to Station
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 11 Revision Lesson 11 Professor Boffin Professor Boffin lives opposite the Clarks. He is a very clever man, but he never remembers little things. The professor usually leaves home at eight oclock. His wife often runs after him and gives him his umbrell
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 13 Revision Lesson 13 Mrs Gasbag This is Mrs Gasbag. She lives next door to the Clarks. Shes a terrible gossip! She usually does her housework in the morning, but this morning she isnt doing her housework. Shes looking out of the window. What can she s
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 15 Revision Lesson 15 The weighing machine Narrator: Sandy and Sue are coming home from school. They meet Professor Boffin. Narrator: Professor Boffin is taking his coat off. Sandy: What are you going to do, Professor Boffin? Professor: Im going to weig
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 17 Lesson 17 Flour and water Sandy: Mum, were going to make some paper hats. Sue: We want some things. Sue: Have you any paper and glue, mum? Mother: I have some paper, but I havent any glue. Mother: You can make some glue with flour and water. Sue: Hav
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 19 Lesson 19 Sandys money-box Sue: Sandy wants to buy a present for Miss Grant, but he hasnt much money. Mother: He has lots of money in his money-box. Mother: Listen! Its full of money. Give it to him, Sue. Sue: Heres your money-box, Sandy. Open it. S
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 21 Lesson 21 Father hangs a picture Father: Im going to hang this picture here. Sue: Can I help you, dad? Father: Yes, Sue. Father: I need a piece of chalk. I want to put a mark on the wall. Father: Now I need a hammer and some nails. Sue: Here you are
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 23 Lesson 23 Professor Boffins umbrella Father: My goodness! It feels nippy this morning. Father: Whats it like outside, dear? Mother: Its not a nice day. It looks cloudy. Mother: Im going shopping now. Father: Goodbye, dear. Mother: Good morning, Prof
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 25 Lesson 25 It sounds terrible! Narrator: Mother, father and the children are walking in the park. Sandy: Look! Theres a band. They are going to play some music. Sue: That mans going to sing a song. Lets listen to him. Father: What do you think of the
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 27 Lesson 27 A funny cake Narrator: Professor Boffin is going to bake a cake, but he cant find any flour. Narrator: He goes and gets a big bag from the store-room. Professor: Its ready now, dear. It looks lovely! Mrs Boffin: It looks funny to me. Mrs B
        • 朗文3L看听学英语第二册 Lesson 29 Lesson 29 Mother meets Mr May Mother: Im going to come to school with you this morning, Sue. Sue: All right, mum. Mother: Whos your new teacher this year? Sue: Its Mr May, mum. Mother: Whats he like? Sue: Hes very tall and thin. He always has a pipe
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