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        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P002-037)添加文本

          Test 1 1. Judge Hooper is regarded in the legal community as a man of candor. 2. After moving to the countryside, Mr. Jones developed an ardor for bird watching. 3. The farmers had an ample supply of grain to last them through the winter. 4. The inve...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P038-075)

          Test 18 1. When combined, the two gases are lethal. 2. His passionate speech incited the crowd to attack the royal palace. 3. Dont ignore signals of imminent danger. 4. He regarded it as an indignity to ask for favors of others. 5. Many examples of r...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P076-115)

          Test 36 1. Badly shaken, he told us that he had seen a spectral phenomenon. 2. The hapless boy would accept any job offered to him. 3. The choleric child often got into fights with his schoolmates. 4. Shoveling deep snow is far too arduous a task for...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P116-155)

          Test 55 1. His being demoted to bellboy was the nadir of his career. 2. One should beware of the baleful influence of alcohol. 3. His genre paintings mostly depict the daily life of fisher folk. 4. Dont try to delude him with such bogus claim. 5. She...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P156-199)

          刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P156-199)听力下载...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P200-239)

          刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P200-239)听力下载...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P240-279)

          刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P240-279)听力下载...

        • 刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P280-319)

          刘毅 GRE3000字汇(P280-319)听力下载...

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