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        • 听例句背四级单词01 [00:13.79]Spark English Vocabulary Series [00:17.84]Vocabulary for College English Test Band-4 [00:25.27]tend? [00:27.57]So many young peoplemale and female aliketend to [00:32.55]overemphasize physical attributes.? [00:37.69]involve? [00:39.42]O
        • 听例句背四级单词02 [00:13.57]suggest? [00:15.32]Jane's pale face suggested that she was ill, [00:19.15]and her parents suggested that she should have a medical examination.? [00:25.06]ability? [00:26.92]Education is the ability to listen to almost anything [00:32.1
        • 听例句背四级单词03 [00:13.89]apply? [00:15.31]We should apply to the publishers for permission to reprint an extract.? [00:21.32]attack? [00:23.40]It immediately ran away when she saw it, [00:26.90]and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unl
        • 听例句背四级单词04 [00:14.13]manner? [00:15.44]He is a man with a very prim and precise manner.? [00:20.48]mild? [00:22.45]He has too mild a nature to get angry, [00:25.95]even if he has good cause.? [00:28.35]mood? [00:30.77]He's in no mood for telling jokes.?
        • 听例句背四级单词05 [00:16.85]exact? [00:17.95]To be exact, [00:19.10]she is a very exact person.? [00:22.71]exposure? [00:24.91]Exposure of children to TV violence will harm their mental health.? [00:30.92]faint? [00:32.67]I haven't the faintest idea about what s
        • 听例句背四级单词06 [00:13.56]compose? [00:15.53]At the age of six he was already composing at the piano.? [00:22.17]confront? [00:23.59]The reason for Ruan Lingyu's suicide was that she couldn't confront the rumors fabricated by people.? [00:31.91]connect? [00:34
        • 听例句背四级单词07 [00:14.18]instant? [00:15.70]Just for an instant I thought he was going to refuse.? [00:20.30]innocent? [00:22.49]Can you provide any evidence that he was innocent of the crime?? [00:27.30]insult? [00:29.60]Some TV commercials are an insult to
        • 听例句背四级单词08 [00:13.45]smooth? [00:14.87]I trust an honest face more than a smooth talker.? [00:20.12]solid? [00:23.01]The impressive achievements in environmental protection [00:26.52]have laid a solid foundation for a Green Olympics here in 2008.? [00:34.6
        • 听例句背四级单词09 [00:13.67]blank? [00:14.77]At those boring meetings,people usually sit still, [00:18.82]looking blank,or scrawl on blank paper.? [00:22.86]bloodshed? [00:25.16]The two sides called a truce to avoid further bloodshed.? [00:29.64]bother? [00:32.7
        • 听例句背四级单词10 [00:12.78]fame? [00:14.75]The reformer's fame spread all over the country.? [00:20.18]flexibility? [00:22.37]The flexibility of a man's muscles will lessen as he grows old.? [00:28.71]former? [00:30.57]Did he go there by air or by train? [00:34
        • 听例句背四级单词11 [00:12.48]rush? [00:13.79]Don't rush me,I'm going as fast as I can.? [00:18.50]separate? [00:21.01]What is it that you think separates her from the other applicants? [00:26.26]skim? [00:28.45]He was skimming stones across the surface of the lake
        • 听例句背四级单词12 [00:12.72]all? [00:14.25]above all [00:16.55]I would like to rent a house,modern,comfortable and above all in a quiet location.? [00:24.32]after all [00:27.49]The planned war against Iraq is not after all intended only to remove Saddam Hussein,
        • 听例句背四级单词13 [00:15.09]go on [00:17.60]There is a wedding going on at the church.? [00:21.10]go along [00:23.72]Things were going along fairly well.? [00:27.66]go through [00:29.75]How does she keep smiling after all she's gone through? [00:34.56]hand [00:36.9
        • 听例句背四级单词14 [00:14.19]pull? [00:15.39]pull through [00:17.37]They managed to pull her through her exams.? [00:21.74]pull up [00:23.60]A car pulled up at the gate when I was waiting for a friend.? [00:29.29]put? [00:30.82]put up with [00:32.68]I don't know h
        • 听例句背四级单词15 [00:13.47]change? [00:15.00]The fox changes his skin but not his habits.? [00:19.16]consider? [00:21.45]We consider that you are not to blame.? [00:24.95]increase? [00:27.60]Corruption is like a ball of snow: whence once set a rolling it must i
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