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        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit1 system n.系统,制度 You'll have to learn the operating system before you can use this machine. 使用机器前,你要先学习它的操作系统。 Few parents are in favor of the recent changes to the education system. 赞成最近教育制度改
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit2 college n.大学;学院 Harry studies at an art college in Los Angeles. 哈利在洛杉矶的一家艺术学院就读。 university n.大学 He was admitted to the university of his choice. 他获准进入他理想中的大学。 probable a.很可能
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit3 air-conditioner n.空气调节机,冷气机 Air-conditioners make hot weather bearable, but they also cause global warming. 冷气机固然让炎热的天气变得可以忍受,却也造成全球升温。 air-conditioning n.空调,冷气(不可数
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit4 burden n.负担 vt.使负担 Ever since his father passed away, John has shouldered the burden of raising his family. 约翰的父亲过世后,他就负起养家的重担。 I don't want to burden you with these matters; I can take care of them mys
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit5 permit vt. vz.准许,允许 n.许可证 We are not permitted to smoke here. 我们不得在此地抽烟。 I'll contact you after the meeting if time permits. 如果时间许可的话,开完会后我会跟你联络。 You need a permit to go fish
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit6 reduction n.減少;折扣 There has been a reduction in the birth rate of this country ever since war broke out. 战争爆发后,该国的出生率已经降低了。 The supermarket advertised many price reductions. 该超市做了许多优惠活动
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit7 vary vi.变化 vt.改变 The weather here varies between cool and very hot. 这里的天气变化很大,忽而凉爽忽而酷热。 He varied the games he played with the children so as not to bore them. 他更换和孩子们玩的游戏,以免使他
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit8 respond vi.回答;回应;反应(均与介词to并用) She responded to my questions quickly. 她很快回答了我的问题。 They waved and I responded with a smile. 他们挥手,而我则报以微笑。 The patient responded well to the new me
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit9 react vi.反应(与介词 to 并用) She reacted calmly to the plaintiff's accusation. 她对原告的指控反应冷静。 reaction n.反应(与介词 to 并用) What's Tom's reaction to my proposal? 汤姆对我的提议有什么表示? obvio
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit10 announcement n.公告;宣布 The announcement of the name of the winner will be made at three o'clock. 这次得奖人的名单将于3点钟发布。 The politician made a formal announcement that he would resign early next year. 这名政治人物正
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit11 suffering n.痛苦(不可数);痛苦的经历(可数) The war has caused a lot of human suffering in this area. 这场战争在该区造成人们极大的痛苦。 John is what he is today because of his childhood sufferings. 约翰之以有今
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit12 proper a.合宜的,适当的;得体的 I couldn't think of proper words to say. 我想不出有什么适当的话可说。 Obviously the team lacks proper training. 显然这支队伍缺乏适当的训练。 It is not proper to arrive late for a
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit13 frequently adv.经常地 Mary frequently shows up late for work. 玛丽上班经常迟到。 connect vt. vi.连结;关联 The railway connects Paris and Nice. 这条铁路连接巴黎和尼斯。 Whenever I see that handsome young man, I connect hi
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit14 experimental a.实验性的 The project is still in its experimental stages and won't be put in practice until a year later. 该计划仍处于实验阶段,要到1年后才会付诸实施。 aware a.知道的;察觉的(与介词of并用) You
        • 赖世雄进阶英语词汇3500 Unit15 conclusion n.结束;结论 Mr. Williams thanked his audience at the conclusion of his speech. 威廉斯先生在演讲结束时向听众表示谢意。 The committee came to the conclusion that the plan was not feasible. 该委员会得到的结论是
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