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        • 留学生在中国 第1期 Rent Apartment 租房 Chapter 1. advice to rent an apartment 第一章 租房建议 I want to ask you for a favor. I want to rent an apartment here in Beijing, but as a foreigner, I don't know the normal practice. Can you give me some advice? 我想请你帮个忙。我想在
        • 留学生在中国 第2期:To rent an apartment介绍房源 To rent an apartment 介绍房源 David:This apartment is nice, but I am a student and would like to find a cheaper apartment. I think a two-bedroom is too expensive. Maybe a one-bedroom apartment would be cheaper. 这套房子是不错,但我是
        • 留学生在中国 第3期 negotiation 洽谈详情 Negotiating Apartment Details 洽谈租房 David:Does that apartment come furnished?) 那套房子里有家具吗? You:This apartment has all the furnitures that are necessary for daily liveing. 常用的家具都有。 David:Like a refrigera
        • 留学生在中国 第4期 housemate 合租 Renting an Apartment in the US 在美国怎么租房子 You:I have some questions regarding how to rent an apartment in America. 我想知道,在美国如何租房子的? David:What would you like to know? 你想知道些什么? You:In fa
        • 留学生在中国 第5期 live 住处 Where Do You Live? 你住哪儿? You: You live on this street? 你住在这条街上? David: Yeah. 对。 You: you havn't move yet? I thought you've told me, you want to move out. 你还没搬家,你告诉过我你要搬家的啊? David: I wa
        • 留学生在中国 第6期 lovestory 爱情故事 You:Chinese lover's day just passed. 中国的情人节刚过。 David:Ah, the time for lovers to meet. 哦,情人约会的日子。 You:Yes, it is in the August. I can't remember which day, but I do know that in the Chinese lunar calendar it
        • 留学生在中国 第7期 Christmas 圣诞节 David:Do you know what Christmas is about? 你知道圣诞节是关于什么的吗? You:No,my teacher did told me once,but I can't remember. 不知道。我的老师曾经告诉过我一次,但我没记住。 David:You can tell about the word Chi
        • 留学生在中国 第8期 halloween 万圣节 You:There is a foreign holliday which has something to do with pumpkins. I think you're supposed to carry a pumpkin around on that day. I can't remember which holliday is it. 有一个外国节日跟南瓜有关,我想那天你也会带一个南瓜的
        • 留学生在中国 第9期 Haunted House鬼屋 Chapter 9 Haunted Houses and Burning Money. 鬼屋和烧纸钱。 David:There are so many haunted houses in the Halloween. 万圣节里有好多鬼屋。 You:I have never been to a haunted house.It must be scary. 我从来没有到过鬼屋,一定很
        • 留学生在中国 第10期 Dumpling 饺子 David:I understand that in Chinese culture people normally eat rice or, as an alternative, dumplings at the end of a meal. 我感觉中国人吃饭时喜欢最后吃米饭或饺子。 You:We usually eat rice, but we don't usually eat dumplings ev
        • 留学生在中国 第11期 politeness礼节 David:What Chinese customs of politeness are traditional? 中国传统里有哪些表示礼貌习俗的? You:I think you've heard this one before, you fight with a friend over the bill in a restaurant. 我想你应该听说过这个,在饭店里
        • 留学生在中国 第12期Delicacy美食 Lesson 12. The Chinese Delicacy 12课中国美食 You:Have you ever heard about Man Han Chuan Xi at all? 你听说过满汉全席吗? David:I am not sure. What was it like? 不大清楚。能告诉我吗? You:In the Qing Dynasty the court i
        • 留学生在中国 第13期 Chinese Medicine 中药 David:I understand that Chinese medicine is based more on natural products while western medicine more on chemical products. Are Chinese people more accustomed to Chinese medicine? 我知道中医更多地注重天然药物而西医则更多注重化学
        • 留学生在中国 第14期 Cooking Style 烹饪方式 David:As a foreigner, I traveled around China and noticed that the cuisine in the north and south is very different. There is a great variety of food in China. 作为一个外国人,我游历了中国的很多城市。我发现北方和南方的食
        • 留学生在中国 第15期 Fast Food 快餐 Popular American Fast Food 受欢迎的美国快餐 David:Why are KFC and McDonalds so popular here in China? 为什么肯德基和麦当劳在中国这么受欢迎? You:I think many people like the ambiance in this kind of restaurants. 我觉得
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