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        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson01 [00:03.27]Part 1 American Mosaic [00:08.20]Text 1 Leap Year [00:29.78]February has an extra day this year because the year 2,000 is a leap year. [00:36.57]That means that one day is added to the calendar. [00:40.86]That day is February twenty-ninth,
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson02 [00:09.95]Six weeks ago, the movie Erin Brockovich opened the United States. [00:16.95]So far, it has earned at least 100,000,000 dollars. [00:22.47]It tells a true story about a young woman who helped people in a California town gain money from an e
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson03 [00:03.16]Computer viruses are electronic programs that destroy information on a computer or cause the computer to stop working. [00:13.37]Computer experts say the I Love You virus is one of the most dangerous they have ever seen. [00:21.29]It began
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson04 [00:39.42]That music is called Taps. [00:54.65]It is played at military fuerals to honor soldiers who have died. [01:00.21]The sound of taps is eing heard at cemeteries throughout the United States as America honors its war dead. [01:09.77]The Memori
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson05 [00:04.60]The two black stone walls are set into the earth. [00:10.11]They are about 76 meters long. [00:13.11](They form a) wide letter V. [00:15.65]As you walk down into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the walls rise above you. [00:22.73]Cut into th
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson06 [00:07.03]The National Guard is one of the organizations of the United States Army and Air Force. [00:13.90]Its members are not active duty soldiers and airmen. [00:14.01]But National Guard members can be ordered to serve with them. [00:18.63]The Nat
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson07 [00:04.57]Excitement fills the early morning air as you arrive at learn to recognize and name each part of the parachute. [00:19.17]You also learn what each part does. [00:22.05]The excitement builds as your teacher describes each stetp it of the jum
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson08 [00:04.88]Then your teacher shouts:Go ! [00:08.12]You let go of the wing support and fall away from the plane. [00:13.40]You throw your head back, arms out, legs apart, as you learned. [00:19.51]You fall face forward toward the Earth below. [00:23.35
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson09 [00:03.92]The Senate is one of the two lawmaking bodies of the United States Congress. [00:09.72]The other is the House of Representatives. [00:12.83]Both have about the same amount of power. [00:16.48]Both the Senate and the House of Representatives
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson10 [00:04.49]It is spring ... a time of year when many Americans like to visit historic homes and gardens. [00:10.84]One such place in the eastern state of Delaware is also a museum of early American arts. [00:17.42]It is a more than 390-hectare propert
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson11 [00:05.36]Some people depend on the calendar to tell them when spring has arrived. [00:11.00]But many others know spring is here because it is time to celebrate the religious holidays of Passover and Easter. [00:21.00]Jewish people observe Passover t
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson12 [00:05.77]The youngest child in the family asks four questions during the Seder. [00:05.85]The first question is Why is this night different from other nights? [00:07.65]The family answers the questions to explain the story of Passover. [00:13.74]Dur
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson13 [00:04.68]13) Ageing American Farmers [00:09.38]Studies show the average age of American farmers is slowly rising. [00:15.78]Fewer young Americans are deciding to enter farming than in the past. [00:21.39]And the number of farmers and working farms i
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson14 [00:05.51]The Clinton administration has declared the disease AIDS a threat to the national security of the United States. [00:14.92]White House officials say they hope the action will help build support for programs to fight the disease around the w
        • 美国英语听力80篇1 Lesson15 [00:05.12]Cassava is an important food in the diets of more than 500,000,000 people in Africa, Asia and South America. [00:15.70]However, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization notes that agricultural development policies [00:24.53]ofte
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