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           全国公共英语等级考试(Public English Test System,简称PETS)是面向社会的、含有五个等级的英语考试体系。




        • 全国公共英语等级考试二级01 [01:29.13]The example: [01:34.75]M:Excuse me.Can you tell me how much the shirt is? [01:40.73]W:Yes,its nine fifteen. [01:45.33]How much is the shirt? (A)`19.15. (B)`9.15. (C)`9.18. [02:18.32]Text 1 [02:21.40]1.Why did the man not want more icecream?
        • 全国公共英语等级考试二级02 00:03.53]15.What do the husband and wife decide to do? [00:50.02](A)To go for a picnic. (B)To go for some food. (C)To go for a riding. [00:59.82]16.How soon do they want to leave? (A)In an hour. (B)In half an hour. (C)In one and a half hours. [01:25.
        • 全国公共英语等级考试二级03 [00:03.53]54.What's the man's trouble? (A)He can't go to sleep at night. [01:19.83](B)He doesn't like his job. (C)He's sleepy at work in the morning. [01:33.83]55.Does the doctor give the man medicine? (A)Yes,he does. (B)No,he doesn't. (C)We are not
        • 全国公共英语等级考试二级04 [00:03.74]97.Who can learn everything from school? (A)People who go to school for an education. [01:37.65](B)People who go to school to learn a skill. (C)No one can learn everything from school. [01:48.15]98.Why do some people need to learn a skill i
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