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        • 轻松英语之旅01:New Apple Shuffle (1) [00:17.43]iPod Shuffle [00:32.06]The worlds smallest digital music player and just $79, [00:37.18]the 1GB iPod shuffle tells you [00:40.33]what they say about good things and small packages. [00:44.13]But when something 1.62 inches long and about hal
        • 轻松英语之旅02:New Apple Shuffle (2) [00:19.73]iPod Shuffle [00:29.90]Thanks to a sturdy, built-in clip, [00:32.64]iPod shuffle goes with anything. [00:36.26]Clip it to your sleeve, your lapel, [00:38.83]your coin pocket, your backpack. [00:42.03]No matter where you wear it, [00:44.12]i
        • 轻松英语之旅03: Nobody ever listens to me [00:02.60]EnglishExpress [00:32.23]The patient says, [00:33.48]Doctor, youve got to help me. [00:35.06]Nobody ever listens to me. [00:37.56]No one ever pays any attention to [00:39.17]what I have to say. [00:41.01]The doctor says, Next, please. [00:4
        • 轻松英语之旅04:Nobody ever listens to me [00:32.23]The patient says, [00:33.48]Doctor, youve got to help me. [00:35.06]Nobody ever listens to me. [00:37.56]No one ever pays any attention to [00:39.17]what I have to say. [00:41.01]The doctor says, Next, please. [00:47.81]patient [00:48.88]病人
        • 轻松英语之旅05:IKEA [00:00.00]可可英语 http://www.kekenet.com [00:31.83]The home furnishing giant IKEA [00:34.15]is founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, [00:39.13]when Ingvar was 17. [00:41.73]Its been six decades since IKEA began [00:44.31]in a small farming village
        • 轻松英语之旅06:Desperate Housewives [00:21.20]Desperate Housewives [00:22.73]《绝望的主妇》 [00:42.80]Desperate Housewives, [00:44.53]a primetime hit soap series, [00:47.22]takes a darkly comedic look at suburbia, [00:50.28]where the secret lives of housewives [00:52.51]arent al
        • 轻松英语之旅07:Letter to Karl Malone [00:02.50]English Express [00:50.67]Dear Karl, [00:51.74]Thank you. [00:52.74]From the real Utah Jazz fans [00:54.79]and from the dedicated basketball fans all over, [00:57.71]from Boston to Miami, [00:59.46]from Los Angles to Washington, [01:01.52
        • 轻松英语之旅08:Mona Lisa speaks [00:31.36]Leonardo Da Vincis famous portrait of the Mona Lisa [00:35.05]has a mysterious smile. [00:37.14]It will always remain a mystery, [00:39.96]but it is possible to hear [00:42.13]what her voice would have sounded like, [00:44.51]thanks to a Ja
        • 轻松英语之旅09:Nike Sneakers [00:17.93]One Time Only [00:30.20]One Time Only was the proposal [00:32.71]of the Nike design duo [00:34.54]Richard Clarke and Jesse Leyva. [00:37.95]In fact, this newest project [00:40.47]involving Nike Air cushioning technology [00:43.11]is pretty
        • 轻松英语之旅10:Horrads Department Store-1 [00:18.76]Harrods Department Store [00:33.75]Harrods is the second biggest department store in the world, [00:37.36]behind Macys of New York. [00:39.46]They sell the finest merchandise [00:41.56]from all around the world [00:43.31]from the finest man
        • 轻松英语之旅11:Horrads Department Store-2 [00:20.24]Harrods Department Store [00:31.27]By Appointment [00:45.68]Harrods are launching their very own [00:48.29]bespoke shopping service this month. [00:51.59]I am always in favor of making life easier [00:54.39]and eliminating days spent at mal
        • 轻松英语之旅12:Taekwondo [00:02.61]English Express [00:20.25]Taekwondo [00:21.17]跆拳道 [00:39.77]Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art, [00:42.83]meaning the way of kicking and striking. [00:51.40]martial [00:52.38]战争的, 军事的, 尚武的 [00:55.07]柔道、
        • 轻松英语之旅13:105-year old man [00:02.61]English Express [00:05.89]轻松英语之旅 [00:34.74]A 105-year-old man, a double PhD holder, [00:40.16]as well as an expert on traditional medicine therapies, [00:44.47]started searching for Ms. Right on his blog Wednesday, [00:48.54]whi
        • 轻松英语之旅14:Walk like an Australian [00:02.43]English Express [00:05.95]轻松英语之旅 [00:28.34]Australians joke that Americans tend to spend their trips Down Under [00:33.06]ticking off visits to the three Rs -- [00:35.95]the reef, the rock and the road. [00:39.49]To be more spec
        • 轻松英语之旅15:The rise of Myspace [00:05.85]轻松英语之旅 [00:36.00]In the UK, young people have traditionally done their socializing [00:40.15]in bars, pubs and clubs. [00:43.12]However, there is a new generation growing up [00:46.62]that finds it easier to manage their social
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