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        • 人人说英语高级01添加文本 Unit 1 Daily LifeSaturday Morning(E) It's Saturday morning.Susan is busy doing houseworkFirst,in the living room,she sweeps the floorvacuums the carpet,cleans and dusts the furniture with a dusterThen,she goes out to the balcony and waters the flower
        • 人人说英语高级02 Unit 2 Education In a School Library(1)(E) While pointing to the very simple wordyetMary asks the boy next to her if he can pronounce it for herShe is reading her book,upside downShe announces the page number each time she turns a pageShe then starts
        • 人人说英语高级03 Unit 3 Food and drink Cowboy A cowboy rode into a town and stopped at a bar for a drink.Unfortunately the locals had the habbit of picking on strangers .When the cowboy finished his drink,he found his horse has been stolen,he went back into the bar,p
        • 人人说英语高级04 Unit 4 Free-time Activities Ice Fishing(E) A boy wanted to go ice fishing,He'd read many books on the subjectand finally,after getting all the necessary tools togetherhe made for the nearest frozen lakeAfter positioning his stool,he used a drill to m
        • 人人说英语高级05 Unit 5 Health and Body Care Another Forty Years to Live(M) Cindy was from the richest neighborhood in townOne day,she had a heart attack and was taken to a hospitalWhile on the operating table,she had a near-death experienceShe saw an angel and asked
        • 人人说英语高级06 With Christmas Cards Sally was taking a shower with her two-year-old daughter,Susie,came into to the bathroom and wrapped herself in toilet paper. Although Susie made a mess,she looked cuted, so sally ran for her camera,and took a few pictures. The p
        • 人人说英语高级07 Unit 7 Home and Family My Dog (E) When I come home,my dog always runs to the front door to greet meOn warm days,he lies on the cool grassOn hot days,he drinks lots of water and lies under a treeHe always takes naps and stretches before risingHe delig
        • 人人说英语高级08 Unit 8 Jobs and Occupations You're Fired(E) As a woman comes into the store,Jim turns to the other salesman and says,I waited on the last fat ugly old lady.This one's your turn.His boss is standing behind him,very angry. Jim is shocked to find that t
        • 人人说英语高级09 Unit 9 PeopleThanks Anyway(M) A man was walking on a railroadwhen suddenly he got his foot caught in the tracksHe tried to get it out but it was really stuckHe heard a noise and turned around to see a train comingHe panicked and started to pray,God.p
        • 人人说英语高级10 Unit 10 ShoppingCompetition(E) The owner of a clothing shop was upsetwhen a new clothing shop opened up next doorand put up a huge sign,which readBest DealsHe was horrified when another competitor opened up on his rightand annouced its arrival with a
        • 人人说英语高级11 Unit 11 Social Relations Legs(E) In the first-class carriage on a trainthree men and a beautiful young girl join in a conversationThe young girl proposes,If each of you gives me $10,I'll show you my legs.The men,charmed by this young girlall pull a t
        • 人人说英语高级12 Travel by Air(E) Susan was going to travel by planeShe took a taxi to the airport,but they were held up in heavy traffic on the wayBy the time they got to the airport,the plane had already taken offSusan felt very bad because she missed her flightShe
        • 人人说英语高级13 Education Basketball Player Frank was the universitys star basketball player, and he had to get his grades up in order to play in the big game at the end of the season. His coach knew this was impossible without some rule-bending. So he arrange for t
        • 人人说英语高级14 Food and Drink The Most Grief A Doctor was once talking to a large audience in New York. The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. Red meat is awful. Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining. Ch
        • 人人说英语高级15 Unit 3 Free-time Activities Going Swimming(E) David and Larry were teachers in the local high schoolOne day,the weather was very hot,so they wanted to swim in the nearby lakeThey didn't bring their swimming-trunksbut since they were all alone,they di
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球 <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链>