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        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(1)/Story of Joseph(1) 老师的小红人!老师的小红人!在我小的时候,同学们管那些看起来更招老师喜欢的学生,叫老师的小红人。在我们今天的圣经故事里,约瑟是十二个孩子中最招人喜爱的,圣经里说老雅各最喜欢约瑟,因为他是他晚年时所生的孩子。可能还有别的原因吧;但我们的确知道,约瑟在
        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(2)/Story of Joseph(2) ??Here comes that dreamer again! He is beginning to tell father another dream that he's had. Come on, let's go hear what it's all about, one of Joseph's ten brothers might have said. They crowded around to hear yet another dream their younger b
        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(3)/Story of Joseph(3) ??Here's a strong young man who'll make a hardworking slave for someone! Who will give me a good price for him? ??I'll take him! said an important looking man in the crowd. ??With that, Potiphar, an important officer for the King of Egypt,
        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(4)/Story of Joseph(4) ??Where did we leave poor Joseph last week?Yes, in prison for a crime ??He did not commit. And Joseph was busy serving in that prison. The Lord was blessing Joseph there, just as he was in the home of Potiphar. ??One day Joseph met two new pr
        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(5)/Story of Joseph(5) ??It all happened so fast! One moment Joseph was a prisoner, the next, he was standing in Pharaohs court as the prince of Egypt! As the prince of Egypt, Joseph has worked wisely for the last 7 years to prepare Egypt for the coming famine. Do you r
        • 少儿圣经故事:约瑟的故事(6)/Story of Joseph(6) ??Your master's cup?We haven't stolen your master's cup! You can search every sack and see for yourself! Do you remember what Joseph's steward found when he searched those sacks?Yes, that's right, the silver cup was found in Benjamin's sack
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(1)/Story of Moses(1) ??Lindsay was so excited! Mother had just called from the doctor's office:Lindsay, she said, We're going to have a new baby in the family! Lindsay thought of all the people she wanted to tell:her friend Amy next door, her grandmother, and her t
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(2)/Story of Moses(2) ??Imagine what it would be like growing up in a palace! Thats where we find little Moses in our Bible lesson today! Ooh, lets imagine were there with Moses, looking down the long hallways with shiny tile floors, seeing the tall marble pillars, and
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(3)/Story of Moses(3) ??Lets play Who Said It?I'll say the words from one of our Moses lessons, and you try to guess who said it! Ready? ??* All Hebrew boy babies must be thrown into the Nile River! Did you guess pharaoh? ??* Shall I call a Hebrew woman to nurse
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(4)/Story of Moses(4) ??Do you remember from our last lesson what message Moses and his brother Aaron took to the king of Egypt?The God of Israel says, Let my people go! ??Do you remember Pharaohs proud answer?No! ??Would you want to have to go back again and aga
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(5)/Story of Moses(5) ??Can you remember something good that happened to you last week?Do you remember something sad that happened to you lately'some of those things we remember may be happy, sad, and some of them very important to us! ??God says that He has some ve
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(6)/Story of Moses(6) ??Passover night! What a night to remember!! For many Hebrew children about your age, it was the most exciting night of their lives! After all, whoever was in a big parade in the middle of the night?About 2 million Hebrews:old, young, children,
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(7)/Story of Moses(7) ??But I want the blueberry one, not the strawberry! Why do I have to be the shortest one in my class? Why cant I have it?All the other kids have one! Do you ever say things like that?That is called COMPLAINING, and how quick some of us are to c
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(8)/Story of Moses(8) ??What does God want His children to do when they need something, or have a problem?Does He want His children to complain, worry, or blame others?No! You remember our lesson from last time very well, dont you?We are to ASK GOD FOR WHAT WE NEED.
        • 少儿圣经故事:摩西的故事(9)/Story of Moses(9) ??What would you do if you saw a mountain covered with billowing smoke and fire?Would you run toward it or away???In Exodus 19:18 the Bible says, And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire:and the s
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