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        • 社会热点英语话题 01添加文本 1.International influences of China Asians see the United States losing its undisputed international influence in 50 years to possibly China amid waning trust in Washington to act responsibly in the world, a poll showed. 一項民意調查顯示,隨著
        • 社会热点英语话题 02 1.The price of pork While many China-watchers fret about the consequences of a collapse of Chinas stockmarket, Wen Jiabao, the prime minister, seems more worried about the risk of social unrest as a result of the rocketing price of pork. A 50% rise i
        • 社会热点英语话题 03 China's infrastructure splurge China's race to build roads, railways and airports speeds ahead. Beijing badly needs to expand its handling capacity. In 2002, the airport ranked 26th in passenger numbers worldwide, now it is the 9th busiest. China's r
        • 社会热点英语话题 04 1.Promoting the building of a new socialist countryside Building a new socialist countryside is a major historic task set at the Fifth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the Party, which will have an overall impact on building a mo
        • 社会热点英语话题 05 China's healthcare system searching for remedy In 2003, the average annual income for China's 800 million rural population was 2,622 yuan (328 U.S. dollars) while the average medical expenses were 2,236 yuan (280 U.S.dollars), according to the Minist
        • 社会热点英语话题 06 150 million rural pupils go to school for free Beginning this school year,studuents in rural areas will no longer has to pay for their education.The new policy starts from the fall semester, and will benefit primary and middle school children in the
        • 社会热点英语话题 07 社会热点英语话题 07
        • 社会热点英语话题 08 社会热点英语话题 08
        • 社会热点英语话题 09 社会热点英语话题 09
        • 社会热点英语话题 10 社会热点英语话题 10
        • 社会热点英语话题 11 社会热点英语话题 11
        • 社会热点英语话题 12 社会热点英语话题 12
        • 社会热点英语话题 13 社会热点英语话题 13
        • 社会热点英语话题 14 社会热点英语话题 14
        • 社会热点英语话题 15 社会热点英语话题 15
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