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        • 生活英语情景主题: 人生的阶段 Emma: You know, Aiden, I dont know much about you. Where were you born? 爱玛: 你知道吗艾登,我不太了解你。你是在哪儿出生的? Aiden: I was born in London, but I spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong. 艾登: 我是在伦敦出
        • 生活英语情景主题:第一印象 M: Jacob, are you interested in helping me out and going on a blind date with a friend of mine? J: That depends. What does she look like? M: Well, shes got a beautiful face and long curly red hair. J: How tall is she? M: Shes fairly tall, maybe 2 inc
        • 生活英语情景主题:第一印象(2) 真是大千世界无奇不有,睡睡觉居然脸被一只狗咬掉了...我们来看看下面的对话 J: Did you see the picture of the guy on the front page of the newspaper this morning? M: No, I havent had a chance to read the paper yet. J: Yo
        • 生活英语情景主题:你身体的每个部分都会说话! Emily: I dont know about you, but I am famished. Are you interested in getting a bite to eat? Ryan: that sounds great. Im absolutely starving! What kind of food are you in the mood for? E: Id love something spicy. Maybe we could get some Sichuan hotp
        • 生活英语情景主题:你身体的每个部分都会说话 R: so, Emily, how was your day? E: I dont think you really want to hear about it. R: it cant have been that bad. Go on and tell me about it. E: to be honest, it was terrible! My manager is such a pain in the neck! R: why? What happened? E: well, he m
        • 生活英语情景主题:注意姿态 Isabella: Matthew, do you know much about body language in countries around the world? Matthew: sure, Ive picked up a few things from travelling around for work. Why? I: well, I had a meeting today with a woman from Japan and she wouldnt stop bowing!
        • 生活英语情景主题:注意姿态(2) M: well, what did you think about the last candidate? Do you think we should hire her? I: she had a very impressive resume, but she seemed to lack the confidence that I think a good manager needs. M: what made you think that she wasnt very confident?
        • 生活英语情景主题:血浓于水 K: how many people are there in your family? J: my immediate family is quite small. Its just my older step-brother, my mom, my step-dad and me. how about you? K: I have a large family. I have three older sisters, my twin sister, a younger brother, an
        • 生活英语情景主题:到底要不要生小孩? J: have you ever thought about having children, Kaitlyn? K: my husband and I have thought about it, but weve decided not to have any. They are just too expensive. Besides, with all the news about global warming on the news lately, who knows what kind
        • 生活英语情景主题:大家族 S: does your family have a record of your ancestors? N: sure. My mom has been working on our family tree for years. Shes always updating it. S: do you have a copy of your family tree in your house? Id love to see it. N: I can show it to you now, if y
        • 生活英语情景主题:要不要和父母住在一起?? N: do you think chinese families have changed much in the last 50 years? S: I think families everywhere have changed a lot in the last 5 decades. N: what do you think is the biggest change? S: well, in the past, three or four generations would li8ve
        • 生活英语情景主题:我们吹了。 O: how is everything going with your girlfriend? N: didnt I tell you? Its over! O: oh, I am sorry to hear that. I didt know that you had split up. What happened? N: it was a few things. The first thing that happened was that we were supposed to go ou
        • 生活英语情景口语:假期艳遇 N: how was your holiday to Cyprus? O: it was so fantastic I didnt really want to come home. N: did you happen to meet someone? O: how did you know? N: you always act like this when youve fallen in love. Who is he? How did you meet? O: his name is Ton
        • 生活英语情景口语:灵魂伴侣 A: have you heard the big news? J: what big news? A: Olivia and Nicholas are engaged! He proposed to her last night at a fancy restaurant. J: I didnt even know they were dating! A: after Nicholas ex-girlfriend cheated on him, they realized that they
        • 生活英语情景口语:结婚典礼 J: what was your wedding ceremony like, Abigail? A: my husband and I got married in a registry office with just two friends there as witnesses. But then we had three parties to celebrate. J: three parties? That's quite a lot. That must have been expe
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