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        • 世界节假日博览 第1期:新年 New Years Day is, of course, the first day of the year. It is a national holiday in most countries around the world. It is a time when families get together and celebrate with a meal. Many people make new plansfor the rest of the year. These plans ar
        • 世界节假日博览 第2期:国际盲人日 World Braille Day is on the 4th of January every year. Thats the date of birth of Louis Braille, the manwho invented the system that helps blind people read and write. Braille was a Frenchman who lived between 1809 and 1852. He became blind at the ag
        • 世界节假日博览 第3期:清扫桌子日 Are you a messy or tidy person? Is your desk a mountain of books and paper or is it a dust-free zone? January 14th, Clean Off Your Desk Day, is for you if your desk looks like a bomb has hit it.This is also a dayfor you to clean your computer desktop
        • 世界节假日博览 第4期:客户服务日 Customer Service Day is on January the 17th. At least, it is in America. Not sure about the rest of the world. This is a day for companies and businesses to reflect on the importance of providing good customer service. Its also a day for customer ser
        • 世界节假日博览 第5期:世界宗教日 World Religion Day takes place every year on the third Sunday in January. Its aim is to help people understand religions other than their own. It hopes to promote understanding and harmony by focusing on the things that are common to all religions. T
        • 世界节假日博览 第6期:马丁·路德·金日 Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a U.S. holiday that celebrates the birth date of one of Americas greatest civil rights leaders. Dr. Kings date of birth is January 15th, but the actual holiday is on the third Monday in January. The holiday recognizes th
        • 世界节假日博览 第7期:国际拥抱日 National Hugging Day started on January 21, 1986. The Reverend Kevin Zaborney from the USA created the dayto promote the emotional benefits of hugging. This celebration has moved beyond Americas borders and people now celebrate the benefits of a hug
        • 世界节假日博览 第8期:全国书法日 National Handwriting Day is on January 23rd. Its aim is to highlight the importance of the skill of handwriting. It is an important day in todays world where people use a computer keyboard more than a pen or pencil. Some people are worried that in th
        • 世界节假日博览 第9期:国家赞美日 How often do you say nice things to your friends? Do you ever pay your boss a compliment? Well, for one day of the year, there is no excuse not to. National Compliments Day on January the 24th is one day in the year in the USA when people can give co
        • 世界节假日博览 第10期:相反日 Opposite Day is on January 24th each year. It is a strange but fun day. Whatever you say on this day must be the opposite of what you mean. If you say yes, you mean no and vice versa. If someone tells youYou dont look so good today, you say thank you
        • 世界节假日博览 第11期:澳大利亚国庆日 Australia Day is celebrated annually on January the 26th. It is an official national holiday and most Australians take the day off work. All schools close. Australia Day commemorates the creation of the first British settlement in Australia in 1788.
        • 世界节假日博览 第12期:世界防治麻风病日 World Leprosy Day started in 1954 and takes place on January 29th. It aims to raise awareness about the disease leprosy. In particular, it is an opportunity to inform people that leprosy is a curable disease and is not passed on by touching leprosy s
        • 世界节假日博览 第13期:国际大屠杀纪念日 January 27 is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is the day on which the world remembers one of the greatest tragedies in human history, the Nazi Holocaust in Germany during World War II. The United Nations created this day in a special
        • 世界节假日博览 第14期:欧洲数据保护日 The 28th of January is European Data Protection Day. It started in 2007 to highlight how important it is for people to look after their personal data. With the increase in Internet use, crimes like identity theftare becoming more common. This means c
        • 世界节假日博览 第15期:自由思想日 January 29 is Freethinkers Day in America. It is an opportunity for people to promote and appreciate free thought. This is where logic and reason are seen as more important than faith. The day is also called Thomas Paine Day. He was a great American
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