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        • 四六级必读美文系列:新加坡赌场 【中英双语文本】 Singapore's first casino won regulatory approval to open, paving the way for the debut of gambling in the squeaky clean city-state as early as next week's Lunar New Year holiday. 新加坡监管当局批准该国首个赌场开
        • 四六级必读美文系列:世界最大的纸杯蛋糕 【中英双语文本】 A 4 feet cupcake weighing a hefty 1,224 pounds has been officially recognized as the world's largest by the Guinness Book of Records. 一个身高4英尺、体重达1224磅的杯蛋糕日前被《吉尼斯世界记录》正式认
        • 四六级必读美文系列:领导靠幽默与魅力发迹 Humour and charm are a surprisingly powerful combination as a means of ascent in life. 作为人生发迹的手段之一,幽默和魅力是一对效力惊人的组合。 I have met a number of entrepreneurs who have built fortunes on the back of th
        • 四六级必读美文系列:孩子最爱的玩具是手机 Yesterday, my toddler broke another toy. But this wasn't an inexpensive, plastic doo-dad. It was my husband's iPhone. 昨天,我家宝宝又弄坏了一个玩具。但这可不是便宜的塑料小玩意儿。那是我丈夫的iPhone手机。 Like
        • 四六级必读美文系列:如何查看国际航班安全 You can check fares, fees and flight schedules for just about any airline in the world with a few keystrokes or a single phone call. But checking the safety of an international airline is a much more complicated task. 如果你想查看世界上任何航
        • 四六级必读美文系列:省钱健身新趋势 Money or the lack of it, changes everything, and that includes how people will be working out in 2010. 有钱或者没钱能够改变一切,这其中包括在2010年人们锻炼身体的方式。 (1) In these belt-tightening times, cost-conscious w
        • 四六级必读美文系列:为钱结婚明智吗? (1) Over at our fellow WSJ blog, The Wallet, there's a provocative Q A with the authors of a new book called smart Girl Marry Money, a satirical self-help book which has a serious mission: to get women and men to talk more about marriage and finances
        • 四六级必读美文系列:装穷族 Brooks dubbed them BoBos, the bourgeois bohemians who created a new anti-establishment establishment. (1) They were the specialty-cheese-eating, sport-utility vehicle-driving environmentalists who railed against the elite even as they became one of t
        • 四六级必读美文系列:女性幸福感为何下降? Why aren't women happier these days? 现在女性的幸福感为什么下降了? That's the question raised by a thought-provoking study, The Paradox 01 Declining Female Happiness, released last month. (1) The research showed that over the past 35
        • 四六级必读美文系列:选择的正确时刻 If you're gay or lesbian and you're closeted at your office, you're not alone. Despite major strides in acceptance over the last 15 years, many still struggle with the decision to come out at work. 如果你是个同性恋,又在办公室掩饰自己
        • 四六级必读美文系列:不当工作狂就难攀职业高峰吗? (1) It's clear, from Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearings,that she has a warm relationship with her family and friends, including her beloved mother and brother. ( 1 )显然,从最高法院大法官提名人索托马约尔
        • 四六级必读美文系列:男人就是喜欢比老婆挣得多 (1) According to a new study, this means I likely have significantly higher career satisfaction than if my wife earned the same or more than me. Pamela Tolbert,the co-author of The Impact of Relative Earnings Among Dual-Earner Couples on Career Sat
        • 四六级必读美文系列:女性低估自身工作表现 What do your co-workers think of your performance on the job? 你的同事认为你的工作表现如何? If you're a woman, you're three times more likely than a man to answer that question wrong. 如果你是女性,那你答错这个问题的机率
        • 四六级必读美文系列:别叫我“亲爱的” Life's daily challenges are tough enough without having to deal with the little annoyances that chip away at our fragile well being. For me, one of them is being addressed as sweetie or hon' by complete strangers. 即使不必应付那些让我们脆弱
        • 四六级必读美文系列:多久跳一下槽比较合适 With unemployment at a 26-year high as the grinding downturn wears on, many people are being forced into Job changes-if they're lucky enough to find new jobs. But for those still employed and managing their careers, there's a perennial question: How
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