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        • 商务交际高手01 Chapter 1 Daily Office Routines Introduction and greetings Useful sentences Introduction Let me introduce Mr. Jackson to you. Allow me to introduce Mr. Norton to you. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Norton. Id like to introduce Peta to you. Id like
        • 商务交际高手02 Overtime and leave Useful sentences Overtime I have too much work to do. I am working overtime. This work is due. This has to be done. I have to catch up. I am staying late. The deadline is coming up. I dont get paid for overtime. You can expend the
        • 商务交际高手03 Apology and explanation Useful sentences I apologize. I must apologize. Pardon me. I am truly sorry. I beg your pardon? A thousand pardons for it. I just dont know what to say. I am afraid of brought you too much trouble. It was most careless of me.
        • 商务交际高手04 Telephone calls Useful sentences Good morning, this is Sunshine Mutter, may I help you? You have reached the office of Perl, electronic technology cooperation. Hello, overseas sales department Marry speaking? Who would you like to speak with? The na
        • 商务交际高手05 Computer Operations Useful Sentences Could you help to install this computer software for me? I have to restart when you finish installing the software. I always mix save with save as. How can I find control folder? Can I borrow your notebook tomorro
        • 商务交际高手06 Office sundries Useful sentences Can you have this file copied? I need someone to bundle the copies for me. Let me show you. Turn on the power of the copier. Can your copy machine make single sided copies? Do you want black and white copies or color
        • 商务交际高手07 Business meeting Useful sentences I need an action plan for next Wednesdays meeting. Whats on the agenda for tomorrows meeting? Could you please call and remind the attendees before the meeting? We have a late fine for meetings, whoever comes in ove
        • 商务交际高手08 Salary and bonus Useful sentences Salary What is your salary now? I earn 5000 Yuan per month. I am willing to start with a small salary. He is teaching Physics in a technical college at a small salary. He has an income of 200 dollars a week. I requi
        • 商务交际高手09 Recruitment and application Useful sentences Recruitment What kind of character do you think you have? How do you get along with others? Do you have any particular strengths or weaknesses? How do you spend your spare time? What are your hobbies? Wha
        • 商务交际高手10 Leaving a job Useful sentences Resignation I want to extend my horizons. I have made a tuff decision, sir, here is my resignation. I really enjoyed working with you, however, I think its about time for me to leave. I wish to get into the advertising
        • 商务交际高手11 Advertising and marketing Useful sentences Advertising What do you want to convey in the advertisement? I will draw an advertising lift for the new production. A picture gives better impression than just diagram. We have to cut down our advertising
        • 商务交际高手12 商务交际高手12
        • 商务交际高手13 商务交际高手13
        • 商务交际高手14 商务交际高手14
        • 商务交际高手15 商务交际高手15
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