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        • 商务英语情景口语100主题001 Dialogue one M: Can you have the briefs from the Anderson firm's lawyer on my desk by tomorrow morning. There are quite a few very time sensitive matters with this case. I'm afraid I can't wait any longer. F: Getting those Anderson briefs has been h
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题002 Dialogue 1 A:Hello,thank you for calling Bradford and Sons. This is Tracy speaking,How may I help you? B:Hello.I would like to speak to your director of human resources,Ms.Jenkins,Please. A:Just a moment.I'll check to see if she is at her desk.May I
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题003 Dialogue one M:Hello,Bill Berton speaking. What can I do for you? F:Hello,Mr Berton,this is Jenny Jenkins of bradford and sons returning your call. Im sorry you missed me when you called my office this morning. My sacretary said you called concernin
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题004 Four. Memos Dialogue 1 A:I have been waiting here in the conference room for ten minutes already, what time is the meeting start? where is anyone anyway? B:Didn't you hear about that, our meeting was postponed until Friday. A: What? the meeting was
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题005 Five Busines Correspondance Dialogue one. A:Did you see the letter I got from Bradform films? They sent the responds to your phone call last week. B:If you want to see something about my call last week, why didn't they sent it to me? A:I guess it mu
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题006 Dialogue 1 A: Our toner cartridges are already out of ink...Could you make an order for a new set? B: We will need new cartridges for all of the office printers? That will be a large order, probably about two or three cases. The office supply store
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题007 007 Co-Workers Dialogue 1 A: I'm realy fed up with Harry! He's the biggest airhead I've ever met. He always makes careless mistakes, and he's a pain to work with. B: You souldn't be so negative. You'll always have some co-workers that are harder to
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题008 008 Bosses Dialogue 1 A: How are things at the office lately? B: Just awful. Two weeks ago, we got a new boss, and I can't stand him. He is really unreasonable about our workload. Since he came, I've been so busy I haven't had time to breathe! A: Th
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题009 009 Brainstorming Dialogue 1 A: Have you thought up any good ideas for our business proposal? B: I haven't come up with anything good yet. Somehow my brain isn't functioning today. A: Maybe you should take a break, you've been sitting at your comput
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题010 010 Commuting Dialogue 1 A: Where's Bill? The ambassador[ m'bsd ] is already here. The meeting is set to start at 9 am. B: He's late again. Traffic is probably holding him up. You know, he commutes from the suburbs. It's not easy commuting every day
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题011 011 The working lunch Dialogue 1 A: Excuse me, Don? I hate to bother you, but I need your help on something. Do you have time to brief me on the Martin account today? B: Oh, that's right. You are supposed to deliver a brief on that account tomorrow.
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题012 12 International Business Travel Dialogue 1 A: I hear you're being sent to Madrid for the annual conference. Is that right? B: Yes, it would be my first trip overseas. Actually, it's going to be my first time leaving the country. A: Are you serious?
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题013 Dressing for Business D1 Did you see the way that Brian came to work yesterday? Ever since he came back from that conference in Silicon Valley, he's been coming to work dressed in jeans and sweatshirts. It's like he's decided to make himself at home
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题014 Dialogue 1 F:Hello,welcome to prise star hotel.how may I do for you? M:Hi,yes,I have a reservation.My secretary called and booked a room a couple of weeks ago,the reservation should be for a double bed,none smoking room. F:And what name of reservatio
        • 商务英语情景口语100主题015 015 Negotiating the Subway Dialogue 1 A: It's my first visit to Prague, I'll be here for three days for a conference, then I have a day on my own to do some sightseeing before I head back home. What do you suggest I see when I'm here? B: There are m
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