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              片中亚当-桑德勒(Adam Sandler)饰演亨利,夏威夷水族馆的一名兽医,是一位快乐的单身汉,在管理海洋动物的同时,他还是这个领域的科学家;茱儿-巴里摩尔(Drew Barrymore)扮演露茜(Lucy),一名中学美术教师,她患上了一种罕见的精神病,当第二天一到,就会把前一天的事全忘光。亨利爱上了患有短期记忆丧失症的女孩露茜,为了赢得女孩的芳心,桑德勒绞尽了脑汁……




        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 01 [00:51.32]So tell me. How was Hawaii? 夏威夷好玩吗? [00:53.76]- It was unbelievable. - Oh, yeah? -太赞了 -是吗? [00:57.68]- Well, what happened? - I met this guy. -有艳遇啦? -我遇到一个男人 [00:59.52]It was the best week o
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 02 [00:02.32]Then you won't be able to go on your boat trip to Alaska. 然后你就不能驾船去阿拉斯加了 [00:04.36]You'll be stuck here, waking up next to the same old, ugly broad, just like Ula. 你会被卡在这里 跟我一样娶个老母猪
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 03 [00:01.80]Because you're starting to freak me out. 老子我被你搞毛了了哦 [00:03.72]Settle down and eat your pancakes. 别激动,吃你的早餐吧 [00:12.52]I think she's a local girl I wanted to go up to her... 我想她是在地人 我想去
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 04 [00:02.40]Well, maybe they're intimidating the other creatures with their big winkies. 也许他们在下面 用大鸡鸡威胁别人 [00:06.88]That is one theory. 那是其中一个理论 [00:09.04]- I have to go. - Where you going? -我得走了 -你
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 05 [00:01.72]How about another fishbowl for the lady? 阿丁,再给小姐来杯大蓝鸟 [00:01.80]- Why don't I just tap a keg for her? - Okay. -干脆开一桶酒给她喝吧? -好啊 [00:07.76]I think I' m getting kind of drunk. 我好像有点醉了
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 06 [00:03.40]I didn't wanna hurt her feelings. 我不想伤她的心 [00:06.56]I think she likes you. 我想她喜欢你 [00:08.44]- Yeah, what's not to like? - What about our tradition? -我是人见人爱 -那我们的传统呢? [00:13.96]Well, I ha
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 07 [00:01.32]And this is what happens every single day. 这是每天都一再发生的事 [00:04.32]How long it gonna take for her memory to come back? 她的记忆多久会恢复? [00:06.16]Her doctors say it may never come back. 她的医生说永远不
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 08 [00:03.04]- No, that's all right. L- - - Are you okay? -没关系 -你没事吧? [00:05.88]Yeah, I' m fine. I' m having a problem with something... 我很好,我只是有点问题... [00:08.76]Something that I could help you with? 我能帮得上忙
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 09 [00:02.20]I could have whooped his ass, but this gravel, I slipped on it... 阿爸,我没法痛扁他 都是因为这堆碎石头害我滑倒 [00:03.68]Yeah, well, maybe you need to do a few more butt flexes. 也许你该多锻炼你的屁屁 [00:0
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 10 [00:01.00]Oh, boy. 妈呀 [00:10.56]There's something I wanna show you. 我要让你看样东西 [00:23.68]We figured it out. She only sings on days she meets you. 她只在遇见你的日子唱这首歌 [00:27.76]You're kidding me. That song? 不会吧
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 11 [00:04.16]Hey, Lucy. Good to see you again. 露西,真高兴再见到你 [00:07.80]What the hell 's her problem? 她有什么问题啊? [00:10.84]She doesn't remember who you are, brah. 她不记得你是谁 [00:12.68]Oh, yeah. 对哦 [00:14.80]I
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 12 [00:19.84]- Excuse me. Lucy Whitmore? - Yes? -失礼,惠露西? -我是 [00:22.16]I have a delivery for you. 有人送东西给你 [00:27.80]- A delivery for me? - Yes. -给我的? -对 [00:29.20]Oh, they're beautiful 好美 [00:32.60]- Who are
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 13 [00:02.20]This is the first time. 这是第一次 [00:07.92]Okay, she cried for about an hour. That's not too bad. 她哭了快一个小时,还不坏 [00:10.92]I bet in another hour she'll be ready to see her friends, have lunch... 再过一小时她
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 14 [00:10.72]What are you doing? 你干嘛? [00:13.44]Nothing. I was just getting some lint off for you. 没什么,帮你捡线头 [00:15.12]You were going for a feelski! 你偷袭我胸部 [00:17.68]All right, I' m sorry, but this is like the 23rd
        • 听电影学英语-初恋50次 15 [00:03.76]Don't forget about me. 别忘了我 [00:09.16]Never. 永远不会 [00:27.32]Good morning. 早安 [00:35.64]- Help! Help! - Whoa, whoa, whoa. Lucy. -救命! -哎,哎,哎,露西 [00:36.00]Oh, shit! 靠! [00:38.96]Lucy! Lucy! Hey, he
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