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              美国电影《当幸福来敲门》(The Pursuit of Happiness)取材真实故事。故事的主角就是当今美国黑人投资专家Chris Gardner。成功诠释出一位濒临破产、老婆离家的落魄业务员,如何刻苦耐劳的善尽单亲责任,奋发向上成为股市交易员,最后成为知名的金融投资家的励志故事。该片获得2006年奥斯卡最佳男主角提名。。。。。。




        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 01 [00:01.00] 《当幸福来敲门》(The Pursuit of Happyness) movie soundtrack mp3 [00:19.00] By: 霹雳hand [00:41.21]Time to get up, man. 该起床了 [00:44.95]- All right, Dad. - Come on. -好啦,爸 -快点 [01:55.09]Should be here soon. 应该快
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 02 [00:07.68]- Hey. - Hey, baby. -嘿 -嗨,老婆 [00:09.48]- What happened? - No, nothing. -怎么了? -没事 [00:11.35]Look, I can't get Christopher today. 我今天不能去接小克了 [00:13.45]Oh, no, you don't, Chris. I'm back on at 7. 别这样
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 03 [00:03.37]You know, when I... [00:05.61]When I was a kid, I could go through a math book in a week. 我念书的时候数学成绩很好 [00:08.45]So I'm gonna go see about what job they got down there. 我想找一份相关的工作 [00:12.88]What j
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 04 [00:01.04]This little cube is the gift sensation of 1981. 这是1981年的热门玩具 [00:04.88]Don't expect to solve it easily. 解法并不容易 [00:06.48]Although we did encounter one math professor at USF... 不过有一个人 旧金山大学教授
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 05 [00:02.37]That was my stolen machine. 那是我被偷的机器 [00:04.94]Unless she was with a guy who sold them too. 除非那家伙也在卖这玩意 [00:08.55]Which was unlikely... 不过不太可能 [00:09.98]...because I was the only one selling
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 06 [00:01.41]- Okay. - So... You can slow down. 请你开慢一点 [00:05.24]Listen, we can drive around all day. I don't believe you can do this. 就算我们开一整天你也组不好 [00:08.51]- Yeah, I can. - No, you can't. -我组得好 -才怪 [0
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 07 [00:04.14]I'm leaving. Chris, I'm leaving. 我要离开了 [00:06.71]- What? - Did you hear what I said? -什么? -你没听到吗? [00:09.58]I have my things together, and I'm taking our son... 我打了包,我要带着儿子 [00:13.72]...and
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 08 [00:02.34]- How you doing, Mrs. Chu? - Hi. 朱太太,你好 [00:08.34]- Where's Mom? - Look, just get your stuff. -妈妈呢? -去拿你的东西 [00:11.11]But she told me she was coming to pick me up today. 她说今天要来接我 [00:14.78]Yea
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 09 [00:02.07]Bye. [00:28.36]I'm okay? 没事了吧? [01:05.03]Excuse me. Excuse me. 对不起 [01:07.70]Yes, I did. [01:17.81]Mr. Gardner. 贾先生吗? [01:26.69]This way. 这里请 [01:30.83]It'll be right this way. 请往这里来 [01:44.94]What
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 10 [00:03.24]Hey, now you can call me Jay. We'll talk to you soon. 叫我杰伊就好,你被雇用了 [00:06.24]All right, so I'll let you know, Jay. 好,我再考虑看看 [00:09.58]You'll let me know, Jay? What do you mean? 你这是什么意思?
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 11 [00:06.01]Tell him I love him, okay? 跟他说我爱他 [00:09.01]And... [00:16.55]I know you'll take care of him, Chris. 我知道你会好好照顾他 [00:19.09]I know that. 我知道 [01:02.40]- Dean Witter. - Yes, hi. -添惠证券公司 -你好
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 12 [00:02.10]- You gotta trust me, all right? - I trust you. -你要相信我 -我相信你 [00:05.34]All right, here. Come on, come on. Keep up. 来,快点,跟上来 [00:09.31]Dad, whens Mom coming back? 妈妈几时会回来? [00:12.81]Dad, when
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 13 [00:07.08]Hey. [00:09.44]- Did you see it? I lost my shoe. - No, Im sorry. -你有没有看到?我的鞋 -没有,抱歉 [00:12.91]Hey. Hey, where are you going? 嘿,嘿,你要去哪里? [00:16.48]- We should wait for the police. - I gotta g
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 14 [00:19.92]Come on, Im jimmying it. 快点,我在用力摇呀 [00:24.89]Oh, no! 惨了 [00:27.66]Come on. 快呀 [00:42.14]- Heres the file, Mr. Ribbon. - Thank you. -这是您要的档案 -谢谢你 [00:49.12]- Thanks a lot. - Oh, yeah, thanks. Gre
        • 听电影学英语-当幸福来敲门 15 [00:02.07]- What are you doing up here? - I came to apologize... -你来这里有何贵干? -我想为那天的事 [00:04.67]...for missing our appointment. - You didnt need to come up. -向你道歉 -你不必特意跑来 [00:07.54]We were in the
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