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        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 01 [00:37.00]MAN (ON TV) ; Hurricane Katrina on satellite.... 卡塔理娜咙风的卫星云图 [00:45.28]What are you looking at, Caroline? 卡罗兰,你在看什么? [00:45.88]The storm systems still moving west.... 暴风圈仍在向西移动
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 02 [00:20.32]MAN; Its running backwards! 秒针往后退! [00:22.60]GATEAU; I made it that way... 我是故意这么做的 [00:26.96]...so that perhaps the boys that we lost in the war... 或许能让时光倒流 [00:28.88]...might stand and come h
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 03 [00:28.08]MAN; Hey! What are you doing there? 喂,你在那里干嘛? [00:30.08]What do you have there? 你手上拿着什么? [01:32.12]MAN; Come on, Queenie. Itll be okay. WOMAN; Mr. Weathers - 来嘛,昆妮 - 魏先生 [01:32.60]Come on, y
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 04 [00:03.32]Whered he come from? 他打哪儿来的? [00:06.44]My sisters child. From Lafayette. She had an unfortunate adventure 我老妹的小孩,来自拉法叶区 她有一段不寻常的关系 [00:08.68]The poor child, he got the worst of it.
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 05 [00:04.00]Just be thankful for what youre given, hear? 对你拥有的心怀感恩就行了 [00:08.20]You already here longer than you supposed to 你已经活得比预期的久了 [00:14.88]Some nights Id have to sleep alone 有时候我晚上得一个
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 06 [00:02.32]-All right. -Yes! - 走吧 - 好! [00:04.24]-Now walk. -Come on - 走吧 - 加油 [00:04.64]Amen! 阿门! [00:10.68]Dont touch him 别碰他 [00:13.76]Rise up, old man 站起来,小老头儿 [00:15.28]-Rise up like Lazarus. MAN 5; Pra
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 07 [00:04.60]It would be nice to sit by my river again 能再坐在河蛔会很棒 [00:10.28]Come, I have an appointment 来吧,我有个约会 [00:13.40]Theres my little man. You ready, sugar? 我的小矮人,准备好了吗? [00:18.36]AIways rea
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 08 [00:01.84]Here, you light it 你来点火柴 [00:04.56]BENJAMIN; Im not supposed to play with matches 我不应该玩火柴 [00:07.12]DAISY; Dont be a chicken. Light it 别这么胆小,快点啦 [00:18.52]Ill tell you a secret if youll tell me one 你
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 09 [00:04.24]She wont be a bother much longer 不会麻烦大家太久 [00:06.44]Well, all right, long as she stays from up underfoot 好吧,只要她不惹麻烦 [00:10.72]BENJAMIN; Right this way, maam 这里请,女士 [00:13.48]As hard as I try,
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 10 [00:02.08]Damn, thats the saddest thing Ive ever heard in my life 那是我这辈子听过最惨的事 [00:07.84]Never? 从来没有? [00:10.24]No 没有 [00:12.96]Then, by Jesus, you are coming with me 好吧,那你就要跟我来 [00:28.00]What
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 11 [00:02.48]My wife passed away many years ago 我太太很多年前过了身 [00:08.12]Oh, Im so, so sorry 我也很遗憾 [00:09.32]She died in childbirth 她是因为难产而死 [00:15.80]To children 敬小孩子 [00:18.44]To mothers 敬母亲 [00:
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 12 [00:01.84]What if I told you that I wasnt getting older... 要是我说我没有变老 [00:05.36]...but I was getting younger than everybody else? 而是比别人变得更年轻呢? [00:09.84]Well... 那 [00:10.68]...Id feel sorry for you... 那
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 13 [00:05.52]The hummingbird is not just another bird 蜂鸟不是普通的鸟 [00:07.32]Its heart rates 1 200 beats per minute 他每分钟心跳1200次 [00:18.04]If you was to stop their wings from beating, it would be dead in less than 1 0 seconds 要是
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 14 [00:03.96]-Did he? -Did he what? - 他有没有? - 有没有什么? [00:04.84]Die in his sleep? 在睡梦中过身? [00:08.24]He died, um, sitting in his favorite chair... 他过身时坐在椅子上 [00:12.80]...listening to his favorite progr
        • 听电影学英语-返老还童 15 [00:03.44]I was in the water for 32 hours 我在水里游了32小时 [00:05.44]And when I was two miles from Calais... 当我离法国加莱只有两英里 [00:10.60]...it started to rain 天空就开始下雨 [00:15.28]MAN; Thats it! Steady on! 快
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