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        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划1 [00:10.27]iDo what you wanna do/i [00:12.91]iBe what you wanna be/i [00:14.95]iFreedoms no mystery/i [00:18.28]iSay what you wanna say/i [00:20.85]iTomorrow is another day/i [00:22.92]iBut heres the news/i [00:26.09]iNobodys stopping you/i [00:28.23]
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划2 [00:01.10]芝麻开门 iAUTOMATED VOICE: Door opening./i [00:13.51]芝麻关门 Door closing. [00:17.41](MACHlNERY WHlRRlNG) [00:20.35]这是... 我在哪? 这是监狱吗? What... Where am l? Is this some kind of prison? [00:24.59]不是监狱 是保护
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划3 [00:01.50]我还以为公主都有人设计衣服和行李呢 So I thought princesses had designer clothes and stuff. [00:04.87]呃 她不得不那些都抛弃了 Well, she had to leave all that behind. [00:07.40]我想你可以... 可以借她一些你
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划4 [00:02.20](KlCKlNG) [00:03.33]嗷! Ow! [00:09.71]你在干吗? What are you doing? [00:11.01]吃汉堡包啊 你吃过吗? Eating a hamburger. Have you ever tried one? [00:13.94]当然 给你提供条免费消息 洛瓦人顿顿吃汉堡包 Yes. And
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划5 [00:03.90]但我会努力融入你们的 做一个卢瓦人 I will try to blend in. I will try to be from lowa. [00:11.01]只有这样 才能救我妈妈的命 It is the only way to save my mothers life. [00:18.58]我们和好如初吧 Lets just star
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划6 [00:00.02]你不玩了 卡特? You done already, Carter? [00:01.82]是的 我们那儿有点挤 Yeah. Our lanes getting a little crowded. [00:07.80]你一点也不像你表妹 是吗? You dont really like your cousin, do you? [00:10.83]不是 只是 她
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划7 [00:02.66]对我们的人民来说 他是父亲 兄长 朋友 To our people, he was father, brother and friend. [00:08.26]等我当上科斯塔卢娜王后了 一定要像他那样 I hope to be like him when I am Queen of Costa Luna. [00:12.30]- 你可
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划8 [00:01.72]我们应该请个灯光师 We should hire a lighting designer. [00:03.69]会超出预算的 切尔西 你只能利用现有的 The budgets gone, Chelsea. What you see is what you get. [00:07.39]好吧 好吧 我知道了 Okay, okay. I know
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划9 [00:05.46](CELL PHONE RlNGlNG) [00:09.30]好了 我得接这个 你们会好好的吗 All right, I gotta grab this. You girls gonna be okay? [00:11.90]- 当然 我们会没事的 去忙吧 - 你确定吗? -Yeah, well be fine. Go ahead. -You sure? [00
        • 听电影学英语-公主保护计划10 [00:04.09]不太好 Not so hot. [00:09.36](SOBBlNG) [00:12.33]我真不敢相信你为我做这些 I cant believe you would do this for me. [00:16.40]公主都这么干 Thats what princesses do. [00:18.84]她们相互帮助 They do it for each other.
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