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        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 01 [00:38.84]~ I found I found ~ ~ 我发现 我发现 ~ [00:40.20]~ I dreamed of Dreamed of,dreamed of ~ ~ 我梦到 梦到 ~ [00:40.32]~ So many things ~ ~ 如此多的事 ~ [00:45.76]~ You fell in love with me ~ ~ 你爱上了我 ~ [00:49.32]~ But I
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 02 [00:06.68]I would have seen the signs if Id been there. 如果我要在场 早就看出苗头了 [00:09.16]Its all right there. Look at Emmas eyes-Like a hunters. 一清二楚 看看艾玛的眼神 猎人般凌厉 [00:14.04]And Livs hand How would yo
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 03 [00:08.48]Im engaged! 我订婚了 [00:11.76]Can we get four tequila shots? No. No. 上四杯龙舌兰 好吗? 不 不 [00:16.44]No, no, no. None for me. 不 不 不 我不要 [00:17.32]Oh, right. Im fine. 行啊 这个就行 [00:19.32]Acapulco, 2006
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 04 [00:05.64]You are going to live with Emma and Fletcher. 你要和艾玛还有弗莱彻一起住了 [00:16.44]Youre irritating me. 你这是在气我 [00:18.84]I cant believe it. 难以置信 [00:20.44]Its so weird having this on my finger. I mean, he
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 05 [00:05.20]Two the first Saturday... 两个是六月的第一个周六 [00:08.52]and one the last Saturday. 还有一个是六月的最后一个周六 [00:12.36]Oh! My parents anniversary is the 6th. Thats so meant to be. 我父母的纪念日就是6号
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 06 [00:03.16]do not use me as a reference. 别说在我这工作过 [00:17.84]Hello, Angela. just... 你好 安吉拉 快 [00:19.56]tell us where the other bride is... 告诉我们那个新娘在那 [00:21.04]and nobodys gonna get hurt. 那样大家都没
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 07 [00:04.16]Oh, you know what? Shes here now. 你知道吗? 她回来了 [00:06.44]Ill see you tomorrow? All right. 我们明天见? 好的 [00:08.48]Hey. 嘿 [00:10.48]Hi, sweetie. Hi. 嗨 甜心 嗨 [00:12.48]How was pep squad? I hate pep squad. 啦啦
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 08 [00:04.80]What did you just say? 你说什么? [00:06.84]I said your wedding should be very scared right now. 我说你的婚礼现在应该感到害怕了 [00:12.00]If I were your wedding, Id sleep with one eye open. 如果我是你的婚礼 我睡觉
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 09 [00:05.76]That is good. Excellent. 太好吃了 非常棒 [00:07.52]Is that like cream cheese? It is cream cheese. 这是奶油奶酪吗? 就是奶油奶酪 [00:11.28]Like a hint. 真是润滑 [00:13.28]Has Emma chosen her cake yet? Lets keep to our
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 10 [00:00.72]Maybe Marion shouldnt be recommending 也许玛瑞安不该这么大力推荐 [00:05.49]Yeah. I dont know about Ricky. 是啊 我不看好瑞奇 [00:07.49]Good for you. Doing warm-ups. 很好 你们做热身了 [00:11.52]Yeah, I got your vo
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 11 [00:01.64]Its very important that I- I so dont care. 非常重要 我 我完全不在乎 [00:05.56]Go on back. 进去吧 [00:12.96]Miss Allan. Oh, hi. 爱伦小姐 嗨 [00:15.24]Yes, but, uh,just a pre-wedding glow. 好的 但要带点婚前的神采奕
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 12 [00:03.04]~ Coming home intoxicated ~ ~ 醉醺醺地回家 ~ [00:07.12]~ I say I just want to love you ~ Come on, Liv ~ 我说我只是想爱你 ~ 拜托 丽芙 [00:09.12]~ I just wanna love you, baby ~ ~ 我只是爱你 宝贝 ~ [00:11.12]Aw, come o
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 13 [00:03.12]Oh, honey. 甜心 [00:08.12]Its not just about the hair. 不只是头发 [00:14.56]Im mad because maybe shes right. 我生气是因为也许她说得对 [00:16.24]And its exhausting having to try to be perfect all the time. 要时刻保持完
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 14 [00:01.88]Hey! 嘿 [00:04.48]Hi! 嗨 [00:06.52]How are you? Long time, huh? 你好吗? 好久不见了 哈? [00:08.52]I know. Its my fault. Ive been really busy. Oh, yeah. Right. Busy. 我知道 都是我的错 我最近很忙 是啊 很忙 [00:11.80
        • 听电影学英语-结婚大作战 15 [00:03.04]let someone else know so we can create a diversion. 要让别人知道 这样我们好平均分配 [00:06.24]Okay. Im going to Livs ceremony 好的 我要参加丽芙的仪式 [00:06.60]and Emmas reception. More booze. 艾玛的婚宴 那酒更
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