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               高中生马修(埃米尔·赫斯基 饰)是个憨厚老实的大男孩,他迷恋着政治,一直梦想能够像林肯那样成为美国众人仰慕的政坛风云人物。直到有一天,马修发现隔壁搬来了一个美丽性感的女孩,成为了他的新邻居。这个女孩满头诱人金发,性感火爆的身材几乎令所有男人都会喷血,马修立刻毫无救药地暗恋上了她。。。。。。




        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 1 [00:42.30]How do you want me? 你要我怎样? [00:44.46]Oh, that's good. Yeah. Just, uh-- 太好了,太舒服了 [00:47.74]Just get comfortable. 我有点紧张 [00:51.46]I'm a little nervous. 你做得很好 [00:55.14]Nah, you're doing great. 再
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 2 [00:15.90](毕业舞会,你期待吗?) [00:19.82]-Do you have the fever? -No. -你兴奋吗? -不 [00:25.22]Why? Do you? 为什么?你呢? [00:25.98]I don't know. Maybe. 我不知道,也许吧 [00:31.06]How about you? 你呢? [00:33.26]
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 3 [00:27.86]Oh, you're home early. 你回来得很早嘛 [00:31.18]Yeah, I postponed yearbook. I gotta work on my speech. Hi, Mr.Peterson. -我把年刊的事推后了,我要为我的演讲作准备 -彼得森先生,你好 [00:33.54]-Mr.Preside
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 4 [00:01.30]-Um Well, anyway, Danielle just came in from Los Angeles 总之丹妮尔刚从洛杉矶来 [00:06.38]and she's house-sitting while her aunt's away. 她姨妈不在她来帮忙看房子 [00:09.70]Why don't you show her around? 你可以带她去
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 5 [00:25.10]-Well, thanks for the ride -No problem. -谢谢你载我回来 -不用谢 [00:35.86]Well, um, good night. 那么 晚安了 [00:38.82]Good night. 晚安了 [00:45.66]-Good night -Good night? -晚安 -晚安? [00:49.18]What are you, gay? I
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 6 [00:08.58]Oh, my God. 天啊! [00:12.18]-Uh-oh -That's-- 天啊! [00:16.14]-That's Mr.Salinger -Who? -那是沙林杰先生 -谁? [00:18.14]That's--That's my principal. Seriously. Let's go. 我的校长,真的,快点闪吧 [00:18.82]-It's n
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 7 [00:09.70]What's up? 什么事? [00:12.10]-What? -You're coming with me right now. -干嘛? -马上跟我来 [00:14.34]Everybody out. Let's move. 统统出去,动动身子吧 [00:19.82]I said out, minions! 我说出去,宠物! [00:24.42]-Sh
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 8 [00:01.66]Second, get her drunk-- 其次呢,把她灌醉 [00:02.82]really drunk, okay? 真正醉了,好吗? [00:05.50]That way the true porn star will come out in her. 那样真正的A片女星模样就会显现出来 [00:13.38]Here. I, um--I g
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 9 [00:08.90]Can we 能不能 [00:11.90]-talk about this later? -Yeah. -晚点再谈这事? -可以 [00:15.06]Sure. 当然 [00:34.86]I liked that. 我喜欢那样 [00:37.14]-What? -What you said in there. -喜欢什么? -你刚在里头所说的话
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 10 [00:01.66]It's for, uh, moral fiber. 是给道德品行优良的 [00:09.30](未成年就当老爸?) [00:11.26]So, who is this guy? He's, like, a porn producer? 这家伙是谁?A片制作人吗? [00:14.14]Klitz, shut up. Now, the strippers. 克立
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 11 [00:13.78]Dude, it's not your fault. 哥儿们,这不是你的错 [00:18.86]No, it is my fault. 不,是我的错 [00:21.26]If I hadn't been such a dick and taken her to that motel room-- 要不是我那么混蛋,带她去汽车旅馆房间 [00:
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 12 [00:00.70]What's up? 怎么了? [00:03.37]-It's not cute anymore -What? -再也不有趣了 -啥? [00:05.47]Stop filling her head with that--Do not piss me off. 不要再向她灌输 别再让我生气 [00:08.92]Hey, I thought we were friends. 嘿,
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 13 [00:04.56]It's all you now. I mean, now you can do whatever you want. 你现在可以做任何你想做的事 [00:10.00]I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid. 不知道,也许我很蠢 [00:10.84]Why do you believe in me so much? 你为什么这么相信我?
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 14 [00:07.16]I'm sorry I got upset. 我很抱歉,我很烦 [00:09.72]I just--I felt taken advantage of. 我觉得被欺骗了 [00:12.92]Look, I'm not gonna be a dick. I know she loves you. 我不想做个混球,我知道她爱你 [00:16.80]I'm gonna
        • 听电影学英语-邻家女孩 15 [00:08.64]Thank you again for coming to what promises to be a very eventful evening. 再次感谢你们光临 这个非常重要的夜晚 [00:17.32]Matthew Kidman. 953 马修基曼 [00:21.04]Ah, my competition! Hey, what's up, Ryan? -我的对手们
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