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           《甜心辣舞》:最华丽的舞蹈是与奋斗相守 这是一部风格明显的青春励志影片。整部影片贯穿着Hip-hop的歌舞风格,有着明亮的影像、优美的画面以及较强的节奏感。 无论从故事情节和表现手法上来看,这部影片都不同于那些简单的励志电影,影片讲述了Honey在生活中不断无私地帮助身边的人,不断地突破自己,这样的一个简单的成长励志故事。




        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 01 [00:01.52](Man) ∮La, la, la, la, la, la-la-la-la-la ∮ [00:03.12]∮ Oooh, wee ∮ [00:08.08]∮ Yo, what's the deal∮ [00:11.56]∮ Ain't nothing, pa We just here and all that ∮ [00:15.24]∮ Trying to get our heads right Get this money right
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 02 [00:04.24]Bitch! (Honey) Gina! Gina! - 贱人! - u珍娜/u!u珍娜/u! [00:06.08]- Let me go! - What? What? That ain't your hair anyway. - 放手! - 什么?什么?反正这不是真头发 [00:11.36]Get off me. 放开我 [00:13.48]Gina. tha
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 03 [00:02.92]Elbows. One, two, three, four. 手肘,1,2,3,4 [00:05.64]- We'll just take it that far. - Suckers. - 先做到这步 - 废柴 [00:09.32]- Let's see it. Joey, count 'em in. - Five. six. seven. eight. - 我们看看,u祖伊/u,
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 04 [00:03.44]Who said anything about taking your clothes off? 谁说是关于要妳脱衣的事? [00:07.00]Yeah. who said anything about that? 是啊,谁那样说过? [00:08.56]The only one who's gonna take anything off is Jadakiss, if he's so mov
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 05 [00:13.20](Knocking) ( Woman ) Ready in there? 妳准备好未? [00:14.48]Yes. Yeah. I-- I'm ready. 是,是,我...我准备好 [00:16.96]Coming. I'm coming. 来了,我来了 [00:19.80]∮∮ (Hip-hop ) [00:36.56]Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut. 停...!
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 06 [00:01.36]I don't really care. to tell you the truth. 我不在乎,去告诉你真相 [00:10.20]Who's that? 他是谁? [00:12.20]I don't know. Some guy from the center. 我不知道,在中心里见过 [00:16.28]- What's wrong with you? He's fin
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 07 [00:05.20]Excuse me. Excuse me. Come on up here. How you doing. miss? 借过,借过,来这边,妳好吗,小姐? [00:08.48]Hi. Good to see you. What up. B.? - 嗨 - 高兴见到你,你好吗,兄弟? [00:09.20]What's happening. my man?
        • 英语听力:听电影学英语—甜心辣舞 08 [00:03.96]∮∮ ( Continues ) [00:33.84]∮∮ (Fades ) [01:05.36]Rise and shine, sleepy head. 太阳出来了,懒猪 [01:07.56]( Groans ) What are you doing? 妳在做什么? [01:10.12]Getting you up. It's Sunday. So? - 叫妳起床,是星期日
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