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        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 01 [03:58.75]嗨 甜心 噢 好啊 亲爱的 Hey, hon. Ah, heIIo, darIing. [04:02.99]你干嘛煮饭? 我们今晚要跟凯特吃饭庆生 Why are you cooking? We have Kates birthday dinner tonight. [04:06.59]吃饭庆生? 我昨晚告诉过你的 What
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 02 [00:01.44]下班之后 我最不想做的一件事 lts my one day off, and the Iast fuckin thing l wanna do... [00:04.15]就是上饭馆 is go to a restaurant. [00:06.15]所以我会弄完它 然后晚饭时吃 So lm just gonna filnish this, and have
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 03 [00:01.64]听着 人们要看这类书 他们需要这个 Look, peopIe want this kind of book. They need it. [00:04.81]更何况 蝉联了6次的最佳销售量 Besides, after giving them six best seIIers... [00:06.88]我想我应该有个免死金牌旁
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 04 [00:01.88]你确定你想听这个? You sure you want to hear this? [00:04.08]为什么会写成这样? 我读过了 Why does it have to be them? l read that paper. [00:07.28]大家都会读到的 为什么它就不能低调点呢? Everyone reads tha
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 05 [00:04.31]大苹果 Big AppIe. [00:12.05]慢慢来 需要我的时候就叫我 Take as much time as you want. Buzz me when you need me. [00:15.89]谢谢 Thank you. [00:59.40]需要我的时候就叫我 Buzz me When you need me. [01:01.40]你好? 打扰
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 06 [00:01.01]但是那她怎么样? But So how was she? [00:03.17]我是说 她她看上去开心吗? l mean, is she is she She seem happy? [00:07.35]不 不算很开心 No. Not reaIIy. [00:09.52]我今天下午碰到安东了 I ran Into Anton thIs afte
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 07 [00:02.18]好了 到底怎么了? 你是故意在墨菲面前炫耀 Yeah, what was that? Were you just trying to show off for Murph... [00:05.05]还是真的不想去西雅图? or do you reaIIy not want to go to SeattIe? [00:07.25]我只是觉得西雅
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 08 [00:03.38]好吧 很好 Okay. Nice. [00:15.09]怎么样? 听上去还好 Good? Sounded good. [00:16.36]对 对 还挺好玩的 Uh, yeah. Yeah, it was a Iot of fun. [00:18.06]她真的很贴心 She was reaIIy... just a sweetheart. [00:20.56]凯特 他说
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 09 [00:01.21]《绝世好医》的作者 布莱恩凯勒翰 Brian CaIIahan, of The Good Doctor. [00:07.05]嗨 布莱恩 嗨 安妮塔 Hi, Brian. Hi, Annette. [00:09.72]我有新的最爱了《漫长的冷夜》 l have a new favorite: LonG Cool NIGht. [0
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 10 [00:03.91]我已经好几年没写过东西了 l havent written anything in years. [00:06.11]而你每年都有新作 And you write a new noveI every year. [00:08.12]那你那个不能触碰 总是重叠交错的故事呢? What happened to your, uh,
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 11 [00:03.88]很抱歉 但我想 lm sorry, aII right, but l think [00:07.68]我们应该给彼此一点时间 we shouId maybe take some time... [00:10.62]冷静一下 然后想办法 just time apart, and work [00:14.05]想办法解决 work through this.
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 12 [00:01.22]早上好 Good morning. [00:03.79]要我为你做什么吗? ls there something you need from me? [00:04.73]是啊 我要跟你谈谈 Yeah. l need to taIk to you. [00:05.82]不 你不想 你干嘛要这样? No, you dont. Why are you being Ii
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 13 [00:02.92]* 你和我 * You and I. [00:06.32]* 会充满了幸福和希望 * Were so full oflove and hope. [00:10.43]* 你能让这一切尽快实现吗 * Would you GIve It all up noW. [00:14.03]* 还是深陷在困苦中 * Or Would you GIve In lust
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 14 [00:02.22]他写的 都是些垃圾 l mean, the shit he writes [00:04.35]不 他 他写的故事很精彩 他的书很棒 No, he actuaIIy He wrote a good story. He wrote a good book. [00:07.16]《绝世好医》写的很好 是吗? The Good Doctor. l
        • 听电影学英语-紫罗兰 15 [00:02.85]不 我没有 我只是在保护我自己 No, lm not. lm protecting myseIf. [00:07.52]他伤害了我 我告诉自己 不会再原谅他了 He hurt me. And l promised myseIf that l wouId never forgive him. [00:11.46]你想让我做什么? 出
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