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        • 听基础单词,练听力第1期:让人心惊的"Accident" 【今日基础词】Accident 【Transcript】 A: Im so sorry I failed to take part in the match yesterday, but I wasnt able to, Im afraid. B: Well, dont you think its a bit late to be sorry now? A:I know that, but there was very little I could do ab
        • 听基础单词,练听力第2期:你的"account"是谁打理的 【今日基础词】Account 【Transcript】 Husband: Hi, honey, heres my last months salary. Wife: OK, darling. How about this? From now on well put all your salary into our savings account and set aside 20% of my salary as Daniels education fund.
        • 听基础单词,练听力第4期:"Actually",我们需要放松 【今日基础词】Actually 【Transcript】 A: Working for four hours at a stretch really makes me tired. Why cant we have a break like many other companies? We need at least a tea break. B: Our boss is dead nuts on work. Keeping on working and ma
        • 听基础单词,练听力第5期:歌词"Aspect",究竟是谁写 【今日基础词】Aspect 【Transcript】 A woman was singing. One of the guests turned to a man by his side and criticized the singer. What a terrible voice! he said, Do you know who she is? Yes, was the answer, She is my wife. Oh, I beg your par
        • 听基础单词,练听力第6期:人们"attach"注意力在关系 【今日基础词】Attach 【Transcript】 Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single-handed. We need help from, and also give help to, others. In the modern age, people attach more importance to relations and connections.
        • 听基础单词,练听力第7期:老人用很恶劣的"attitu 【今日基础词】Attitude 【Transcript】 One old person complained to the doctor that his right ear was giving him trouble; he couldnt hear. So the doctor checked, checked, checked, listened, listened and said, Oh, you know your ear trouble is
        • 听基础单词,练听力第8期:每只海豹"average"费用8万 【今日基础词】Average 【Transcript】 The average cost of saving one seal was $80,000. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively-saved animals were released into the wild among cheers and applause from people. A minute later, a kille
        • 听基础单词,练听力第9期:一头披着狮子皮的驴的 【今日基础词】Belief 【Transcript】 An ass once found a lions skin. He put it on and his belief was that others would be scared, then he walked towards the village. All fled when he came near, both men and animals. The ass felt quite proud.
        • 听基础单词,练听力第10期:长远来看,公司还是会 【今日基础词】Benefit 【Transcript】 A: I really like what you have, but the price for this product is much higher than we expected. Im absolutely not a buyer at that price. B: I know it is not the cheapest on the market. But if you take
        • 听基础单词,练听力第11期:顾客会购买我们的"br 【今日基础词】Brand 【Transcript】 A: I think that would be a good idea. Price is an important variable in our market, so we can use it to build our customer base. If our customers get hooked on the low introductory price, they will buy and
        • 听基础单词,练听力第13期:可以为"community"多做点 【今日基础词】Community 【Transcript】 A: Would you like to join the VolunteersLeague? B: Do you think Im crazy? I just quit the Student Council. I dont want to be so busy. I gave up a good chance of getting scholarships for that。 A: Joini
        • 听基础单词,练听力第14期:一群青蛙的"competition 【今日基础词】Competition 【Transcript】 Once upon a time, there was a crowd of frogs which were going to have a climbing competition, and the destination of which being the top of an extraordinarily high steel tower. A host of frogs were su
        • 听基础单词,练听力第15期:我"conclude"掩饰下定有真 【今日基础词】Conclude 【Transcript】 Smile is the unaffected, unplanned, natural connection between people. I tell this story in my work because Id like people to consider that underneath all the layers we construct to protect ourselves, ou
        • 听基础单词,练听力第16期:老鹰无法"effectively"捕食 【今日基础词】Effective 【Transcript】 Eagle is the worlds longest life expectancy of birds. It lives up to the age of 70. To live such a long life expectancy, at 40 years of age it must make a difficult but important decision. When the Hawk
        • 听基础单词,练听力第17期:准备好明天的"employee 【今日基础词】Employee 【Transcript】 A: Nevertheless we need to make one decision. I recommend we accept the merger offer, as I agree with the reports findings that it would be better for the company in the longterm future. B: But wha
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